Why You Need To Carry Cash When Travelling Abroad

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Why You Need To Carry Cash When Travelling Abroad by Bigstock

While we never advise on taking oodles of cash or valuables out with you when you’re sightseeing or participating in activities in a foreign country, it’s always a good idea to have some cash at hand, and here’s why…

A lot of countries do cater for debit and credit cards, but this is often only true for their major touristic areas. The sad reality is that most small villages and towns do not have credit card facilities, not even to mention the word “traveller’s cheques”.

Our best advice is to get some cash as you get off the plane and into the airport at the country you’re traveling to. This should suffice until you get to the hotel, given that you stay in a hotel with a 4 star rating and up, where you should be able to withdraw funds or exchange currency. Not all hotels have these facilities, so do your homework in advance.

Carrying cash on you is also great since you’ll be able to tip the driver, grab a snack at the local food markets and make purchases at the stores that don’t accept card payments. Don’t just assume that you’ll have the same level of convenience that you have back home when it comes to foreign countries. Strap on your common sense helmet and play it safe by always having enough cash on you to get you what you want and need when you’re out and about abroad.

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