Iceland - The Land of Ice and Fire

If you love adventure, hiking and outdoors, you will fall in love with Iceland. Iceland is the land of extremes, stunning landscapes, adventure and unforgettable scenery. The best way to discover the treasures of this island is to take a road trip around the country to enjoy spectacular views and the best this country has to offer. Be prepared for the unforgettable experience and adventure of the lifetime.

Lake Como - Italy

Lake Como is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking holiday spots in Italy and Europe. Amazing views, great cuisine, people and culture - it has a perfect combination for any holiday type. The amount of resorts and accommodation will suit every budget. If you make this destination your next holiday spot, you will love every minute of it. Lake Como is a favourite holiday destination of George Clooniy and Madonna - must be the reason why. Enjoy the aerial views of the lake and coastal sites of the Northern Italian lakes.

Point Nepean National Park, Victoria, Australia

Point Nepean National Park is a hidden travel spot in Victoria, Australia. A perfect spot for a day trip, hike and a great bike ride. Enjoy a stunning aerial footage taken by Uprisa of this beautiful travel destination.

Grampians National Park, Australia

Grampians National Park in Victoria is a popular holiday, camping and weekend getaway destination. It offers visitors breathtaking views of mountainous landscapes, waterfalls and diverse flora and fauna - a perfect combination of family oriented activities. Best explored by car in warmer months (September - April).

Great Ocean Road, Australia

Great Ocean Road is one of the highlights of Victoria, Australia. The beautiful drive along the side of beach will take you to the most spectacular coastal views of the region. Enjoy the aerial footage of the Great Ocean Road and the iconic Twelve Apostles. Pin this place down on your travel itinerary if you are planning to visit Victoria. It is definitely worth a drive!
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