Capital City: Washington, D.C.
Official language: English
Currency: The US Dollar

Welcome to the United States of America!

Step inside a country that revels in all things majestic. From snow-covered peaks and redwood forests to beaches and bluegrass, big bustling cities and big open skies to the wonderful Americans all living the dream, the United States of America is more than just one destination, it’s an otherworldly experience! There are the bright lights of the big cities like LA, Vegas, Miami and off course the Big Apple, but in contrast there’s also places like Texas with its easygoing charm, Portland with its nature scene and tree huggers, San Francisco with its stunning waterfront and New Orleans with its rustic and captivating French Quarter. America’s got diners, drive-in and dines, and since you’ll be reveling in the little pleasures of this food loving nation, it’s a heavenly destination for foodies, fully loaded with barbecue ribs, bagels, massive pizza slices, hotdogs, fried eggs and everything in between. The USA goes all out when it comes to what your options are. The sheer size of the country means you’ll see some of the most varied natural landscapes on earth perfectly rounded off with the friendly folks, open roads ideal for exploring and adventurous surprises around every corner. With over 4 million miles of highway taking you past red-rock deserts, sun-bleached hillsides, invigorating beachfronts, lush rainforests and towering mountain peaks, the world seems like it’s yours for the taking. Once you’ve tasted the thrill of America, it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with everything it stands for.

Must see places in USA

New York USA

New York

New York, the biggest city in the U.S., is a compositional wonder with a lot of notable landmarks, grand structures and endless surprising high rises. Other than the engineering enjoyments, New York is an urban wilderness that has everything to offer to guests. The city is home to various exhibition halls, parks, in vogue neighborhoods and shopping boulevards.

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Los Angeles USA

Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles, California is commonly referred to as L.A. Located in Southern California, L.A. is a densely populated area and ethnically diverse. Known for its strengths in business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, fashion, science, sports, technology, educations, and medicine, it is no wonder why numerous tourists travel to this booming city.
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San Francisco USA

San Francisco

As the leading financial hub of the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California, a trip to San Francisco will not disappoint. Nicknamed “The City by the Bay,” “Fog City,” “San Fran,” “Frisco,” and “The Paris of the West,” San Francisco encompasses a land area of approximately 50 miles. The area is known for its cool summers, cable cars, fog, steep hills, and therefore, is a popular destination among tourists. You will fall in love with San Francisco!
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Las Vegas USA

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is widely known as the “Gambling Capital of the World.” Las Vegas is internationally notorious as a major resort city full of gambling, shopping, fine dining, and nightlife.
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Arizona USA


Arizona, also referred to as the “Grand Canyon State,” is home to dozens of parks, monuments, and landmarks. Here, couples and families can enjoy breathtaking sights across miles upon miles of remarkable scenery.
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Chicago USA


Checking in at the third most populated city in the United States, Chicago, also known as Chicagoland, The Windy City, Chi-Town, The Second City, and The City of Broad Shoulders, serves as a wonderfully entertaining vacation spot.
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Boston USA


The city of Boston entertains over 12 million tourists each year. People travel from across the world to view this energetic, thriving city. Cultural facilities, world-class educational institutions, and champion sports franchises are merely a few areas of attraction.
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Washington D.C USA

Washington D.C

Millions of tourists visit Washington, D.C. consistently throughout the year. This is an energizing and wonderful city. The exhibition halls, landmarks, structures, and society of Washington, D.C. catch a great part of the history and soul of the American experience.

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Miami USA


Party in the city where the heat is on! Miami is a major city located on the Atlantic coast of southeastern Florida. As a major center and leader in commerce, culture, media, entertainment, the arts, it is obvious why Miami is one of top tourist destinations in the United States.
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New Orleans USA

New Orleans

Welcome to New Orleans, Louisiana, where the culture is so energizing that it will arouse every visitor’s spirit! From the French Quarter to the graceful Garden District, music fills the air. It truly is a magical place with a unique culture and an interesting way of life.
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Orlando USA


Orlando is a U.S. city in state of Florida. Found in Central Florida, it is the area seat of Orange County and the core of the Greater Orlando metropolitan range. The Greater Orlando metropolitan territory has a populace of 2,134,411, making it the 26th biggest metro range in the United States, the sixth biggest metro zone in the Southeastern United States, and the third biggest metro region in the state of Florida. Orlando is the fifth biggest city in Florida, and the state's biggest inland city.

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Nashville USA


Known as “Music City,” and the “Music Capital of the World,” Nashville is widely known for its music industry, specifically, country music. This lively city lies on the Cumberland River in the northwestern portion of the Nashville Basin. Nashville is a great place to visit due to its historical museums and landmarks.
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Aspen Colorado USA

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is a ski resort city in the area of Pitkin County, Colorado situated in an isolated area of the Rocky Mountains’ Sawatch Range and the Elk Mountains. Today, the city is a popular getaway for celebrities. Additionally, it is an admired destination for tourists who love outdoor recreation, as there are four ski areas in the surrounding area.
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Napa Valley USA

Napa Valley

Considered one of the premier wine regions in the world, Napa Valley, located in California, is the perfect couple getaway for adults who love and appreciate wine and remarkable vineyards.
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Maui Hawaii USA

Maui, Hawaii

Maui is one of the seven islands that make up the Hawaiian Chain, or state of Hawaii. It is between Hawai'i (the Big Island) and Oahu and is nearly encompassed by three others: Molokai, Lanai and Kaho'olawe. It is known as the Valley Isle and a large portion of the world's ecological atmospheres are found here. Ultimately, all visitors need is some shorts, a bathing suit, a sarong or two, some thong shoes, and a light wrap for nighttime. Delight in the vibe that is Maui.
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Hawaii USA

Honolulu, Hawaii

Experience paradise on the island of Hawaii. Honolulu is the state capital with the highest population in Hawaii. Honolulu offers an unforgettable experience for honeymooners and couples in love.
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Pick the time right!

Tourists travel to USA from May to September

When is the best time to travel to the United States? Well, the U.S. has a huge range of weather conditions throughout the year. Whether you’re sweating in the Death Valley, or freezing cold in Alaska, you are sure to find an extreme. Due to a wide range of geographic features, including mountains and deserts, it is best to zero in on the specific destination and take a look at the temperature for that particular month or season. Typically, most of the United States experiences colder temperatures in the winter months of December, January, and February; the summer months of June, July, and August are much warmer.

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Several beautiful and historical places exist in the United States. However, tourists looking for a unique experience should check out these spots for something enjoyable and different!

  • Calling all Jell-O lovers! The Jell-O Gallery is a museum in Le Roy, New York, which contains several different Jell-O items from oil paintings to gelatin molds and magazine ads.
  • Take a journey down a 32-mile stretch of highway just east of Dickinson, North Dakota, known as the Enchanted Highway. This area features scrap metal sculptures of pheasants, geese, deer, and many more alongside the road. These exclusive sculptures were created by local artist Gary Greff.
  • For all of the extraterrestrial lovers out there, head on out to Roswell, which is a small city in New Mexico that is famous for an alleged UFO sighting and crash in 1947.
  • For the science extraordinaire interested in the Earth’s ecosystem, Biosphere 2, is a 3-acre research facility located near Tucson, Arizona.
  • At Carhenge, car nuts will find 38 cars arranged in a circle on a plain in Alliance, Nebraska, in order to look like Stonehenge in England.
  • In Mitchell, South Dakota, there lies a building that has a wall covered in pictures and designs made out of corn kernels. Each year, the pictures are replaced with new designs.
  • Cadillac Ranch located in Amarillo, Texas, serves as an art display for 10 Cadillac cars that are buried nose-first in the ground. Originally, it was designed to make local citizens wonder. Now, tourists from all over the world visit this off the beaten path location.
"][sp_accordion_item title="Festivals and Holidays" icon="" content="As far as official national holidays, the United States lets Congress and the president establish legal holidays for federal employees. Each state decides which holidays it will observe.

  • New Year’s Day is celebrated annually on January 1st. Many Americans prefer to party the night before at New Year’s Eve gatherings, nightclubs, restaurants, and shows. Most of the nation stays awake until the stroke of midnight to welcome in the New Year and make resolutions for a prosperous 365 days to follow.
  • Another highly commemorated holiday is Memorial Day, which is honored on the last Monday in May. All Americans who passed away in the line of battle are remembered on this day.
  • On July 4th, the country celebrates the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which announced the separation of the American colonies from England in 1776. Natives celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks, picnics, and parades.
  • Labor Day. This holiday falls on the first Monday in September. Businesses often close on this day in order to give the country’s workers a day of rest.
  • Families all over the United States celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday in November. This is a significant time specifically devoted to giving thanks for things Americans may take for granted on a daily basis. Families gather for a traditional turkey meal and offer thanks.  
  • Finally, Christmas falls annually on December 25th. This is a popular holiday among Americans. Many decorate their homes and businesses with Christmas trees and lights. Family members and friends exchange gifts, and several citizens attend church services.
  • These certainly are not all of the holidays observed across the United States. People of different religious denominations celebrate their religions’ holidays. Several prestigious Americans have their birthdays honored as well.
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Since Americans come from all parts of the world, they eat various types of foods. A traditional American meal consists of meats, potatoes, and vegetables. Among other popular indulgences are pizza, spaghetti, and hamburgers. Immigrants have influenced American food by familiarizing natives with different cooking techniques and unique spices.


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