Travel insurance – choose the right policy

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Travel enthusiasts often say if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel. Sounds harsh right? Perhaps, but if you don’t get travel insurance and something goes south during your holiday, you’ll wish you chose to follow the advice and had something to cover you.
Depending on the type of plan you invest in, travel insurance can cover you for anything and everything from a lost camera to emergency travel back home. It’s an all-purpose insurance policy, and probably one of the single most important things you should have, even though you should hope to never have to use it. You’d be dead-wrong in thinking it’ll just be an expensive “add-on” too, travel insurance will cost you nothing more than a few dollars a day, making it an affordable way of having your own back.
Here’s what you need in a good Travel Insurance Plan:

  • Your policy should cover most world countries
  • It should cover some of your electronics
  • It should cover injury and sudden illnesses
  • Make sure the plan covers 24hour emergency services and assistance
  • The plan should cover lost, damaged and stolen possessions in the form of jewellery, electronics and documents etc.
  • The plan should also cater for cancellation fees at hotels, missed flights and other transportation bookings in case of an emergency
  • Speaking of emergencies, the plan should cover emergencies that arise in the country you’re visiting if they force you to head back home on short notice
  • Personal accident cover is something you want and need
  • Lastly, the plan should provide you with some kind of financial protection to cover you in case the travel company goes bankrupt and you’re stuck abroad without a paddle
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