Best Safari Destinations

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park (South Africa)

South Africa’s first and largest national park. Kruger is part of the massive Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park along with neighboring parks in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Experience Kruger in a variety of ways from fully guided and staffed tours to do-it-yourself self-driven tours. Stay in one of the camps surrounded by tall, electrified fencing found throughout the park. Or, stay in a fully furnished lodge. The experience is totally up to you. But make sure not to miss the Big 5 (lion, cape buffalo, rhinoceros, elephant and leopard) but also be on the lookout for a multitude of birds and other fauna like cheetahs and African wild dogs.

Sand River Selous

Sand River Selous (Tanzania)

Located deep within the Selous Game Reserve on a wide curve of the Rufiji River lies Sand Rivers Lodge. They are the pioneers and specialize in walking safaris between various camps and lodges, where you can see animals from a whole new and more intimate perspective. Not too keen on a walking safari? Sand River Selous also does boat safaris and game drives.

Okavango Horse Safaris

Okavango Horse Safaris (Botswana)

See Botswana’s Okavango Delta from a whole new perspective. Trot alongside herds of grazers and giraffe’s on horseback. Canter in ankle deep water without worry as you sit well above the water line. Getting a little saddle sore? Jump off your horse and see the delta by boat.

Camel Treks Australia

Camel Treks (Australia)

Discover the outback on camelback. Head out to the Flinders Ranges and explore the flora, fauna and rugged vistas of Australia’s outback on this combined walking and camelback safari. Let this award winning company show you the beauty that is Australia’s wilderness.


Karisia Walking Safaris (Kenya)

Walking Safari specialists based out of Northern Kenya, Karisia will show you the wilds of Kenya from foot and camel back. Want to detour from arid heat of Kenya? Karisia also does game drives through National Parks and the coastline.

Norman Carr Safaris

Norman Carr Safaris (Zambia)

Widely recognized as one of the preeminent tour operators in all of Zambia, Norman Carr Safaris operate out of six lodges in South Luangwa. An industry leader in many aspects, Norman Carr Safaris pioneered walking safaris in Zambia and was one of the first companies to transition the definition of a safari from hunting to photo-tourism. Highly respected by both industry and local leaders Norman Carr Safaris continue to be a beacon of what safaris in the modern age should look like.

Bandhavgarh National Park, Samode Safari India

Samode Safari Lodge (India)

Who says safaris must only be held in Africa? Found within the confines of Bandhavgarh National Park, Samode Safari sits in the heart of tiger country where you can view 25 species of mammals and over 250 species of birds. But, the tigers are the real stars of the show here. The lodge borders the 450 square kilometer Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and the chances of seeing these majestic cats is great.

Fundu Lagoon Tanzania

Fundu Lagoon (Tanzania)

A premiere destination for a marine safari. Located on the small island of Pemba within the Zanzibar Archipelago, Fundu Lagoon offers snorkeling and boat safaris to see the various marine life in this rich environment.

Nyungwe Forest Lodge Rwanda

Nyungwe Forest Lodge (Rwanda)

Bordering the edge of Nyungwe Noational Park and overlooking the largest mountain rainforest in Africa, Nyungwe Forest Lodge give you a platform from which you are able to venture out with guides to view the forests 13 different species of primate including several Old World monkeys like the Blue Monkey and the endangered Golden Monkey. View wild chimpanzees interact within their families while on your walks through the Nyungwe Forest.


Tongole Wilderness Lodge (Malawi)

Located in the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, a place known as “Malawi’s last true wilderness”, Tongole Wilderness Lodge has something for everyone. Walking safaris can range from strolls by the river to more challenging mountain hikes, bird watchers have their own safari too and can view some of the 280 plus species of birds found there. Canoe and boat safaris can be arranged along with fly fishing expeditions as well.

Goliath Safaris (Zimbabwe)

Goliath Safaris (Zimbabwe)

Operating within the borders of the sprawling Mana Pools National Park. All safaris are custom-tailored to the liking and wish lists of the guest. All walking safaris are guided by Stretch Ferreira, a 25 year veteran of canoe tours and walking safari guide. Join him on your African adventure where no two days are alike.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (Uganda)

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (Uganda)

There is one reason why many have made their way to Bwindi; mountain gorillas. Found in the hills in and around Bwindi, these mountain gorillas represent some of the last and truly wild gorillas. Join the parks gorilla trek to view these largest of the great apes on foot or by bicycle. Either way it will lead to a memory that will never be forgotten.

Great White Bear Tours (Manitoba, Canada)

Great White Bear Tours (Manitoba, Canada)

Who says safaris can only be done in the heat? Travel to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada with Great White Bear Tours to see the largest concentration of polar bears in the world. Held in the winter months, this annual gathering of bears attracts tourists, nature lovers and bear enthusiasts alike from around the globe. Jump aboard massive snow buses and come face to face with the world’s largest bears.

Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)

Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)

Push the boundaries of your definition of a safari. Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands, allows you a glimpse of a land unmarred by human development and impact. See animals found nowhere else in the world like the island tortoises (each island has its own species of tortoise), Darwin’s famous finches and Galapagos Sea Lions. There are several tour companies to choose from but you will be required to hire a Park Ranger if you are to ever set foot on any island.

Antarctica Wildife Safari (Antarctica)

Antarctica Wildife Safari (Antarctica)

Head south and see the towering ice shelves of the Antarctic. Witness the actual march of the penguins. Emperor and Adelie penguins court, swim, fish and care for their young on the rocky shores while keeping an eye out for leopard seals. Watch the waves as well for several species of whales including finback, minkes and humpback whales.

Selinda Canoe Trail (Botswana)

Selinda Canoe Trail (Botswana)

Want to see Africa from Livingstone and Selous’ point of view? Grab an oar and jump into a canoe. Selinda offers four and five day safaris that take you from canoe safaris to walking safaris and into camp again. The best thing about exploring the canoe is that you get to go into some areas that are impossible to access by foot or vehicle.

Denali Safari (Alaska)

Denali Safari (Alaska)

Head to the uppermost state of Alaska and jump on board one of several outfitters to take you into the backcountry whether by boat, float plane, ATV or horseback. Be on the lookout for black bears, grizzlies, black-tailed deer, elk, caribou, mountain goats and dall sheep.

Yellowstone Safari

Yellowstone Safari (Montana)

The quintessential western safari in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Several outfitters can get you to places others can only dream off. Fly fish in remote streams, spot black bears, grizzlies and other large game in the backcountry. Or go to the high country to find some of the largest big horn sheep on the continent.

Amazon Rainforest (Brazil)

Amazon Rainforest (Brazil)

The sheer density of the Amazon can suffocate most, but with the right guide (and there are several operators to choose from) you can get to areas where, literally, only few have stepped foot on. The biodiversity is so great within the Amazon that to list them all would take pages. A couple stars to look out for are the famous freshwater dolphins, large snakes such as anacondas, and a plethora of monkey and birds.

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