Guernsey might be merely half the size of Jersey, but boasts roughly twice the attractions that Jersey has. The island’s breathtaking cliffs to the south rise up roughly 270 feet and see thousands of tourists flocking here annually for the pristine landscape. Guernsey is also known as ‘The Gourmet Island’ which explains it amazing array of brilliant restaurants with their fine European cuisine on offer. Here’s what you can look forward to in Guernsey…

Top Attractions in Guernsey

St Peter Port

Leading steeply up from the harbor, the narrow streets and alleyways of St Peter’s Port lead up town to where you can get a bird’s eye view of the area. The town is filled with old Regency style houses, so it’s quite possible that you might just fall in love with its old world charm. St Peter’s Port has an abundance of shopping opportunities, great museums, historic sites and recreational facilities. Whatever you decide to do, don’t miss out on seeing the 12th century Town Church and Hauteville House, which are the two top sites to visit.

Guernsey’s Coastline

Located on Guernsey’s coastline you’ll find several historic sites like Martello Towers and the ruins of Vale Castle, an early Norman Vale Church and a passage grave to name but just a few sites. Head to the south coast if you’re a nature junkie, and see the cliffs and caves like the Creux Mahie cave and Corbière Point. Rocquiane Bay is located on Guernsey’s west coast and then there’s also the small islet of Lihou that’s linked with the main island by a causeway.

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