The Channel Islands are located just 10 minutes off the coast of France and is where you’ll find the islands of Jersey, Guernsey Alderney, Sark and Herm to name but a few of them . You can get here by air from London and many other English cities plus if you’re traveling during the summer months you can catch the ferry from Weymouth, Portsmouth or Poole.

Top Attractions of the Channel Islands


Jersey is the biggest of the Channel Islands, and as such should be your first stop. The island extends some 11 miles from east to west and 7 from north to south and its best known for its striking scenery. The north coast with its high cliffs, rocky inlets and caves is stunning, but if you’re a hiker at heart, head to the flatter southwest with its great trails and the footpath that runs along the Jersey Railway from St Aubin Lighthouse to Corbière Point. Below we’ll have a look at some of the main attractions of the biggest island, Jersey.

St Helier

Located on St Aubin’s Bay you’ll find the main town of the islands, St Helier. Among the Victorian charmed town’s attractions you’ll see Liberation Square, La Collette Gardens, Charing Cross and the Waterfront Centre among its main attractions. There’s also Elizabeth Castle that sits in the harbor area which can be reached via ferry or causeway. Don’t miss the Royal Square with its old town church and the gilded Statue of George II. The Jersey Museum and Art Gallery is well worth visiting of you want to learn more about the fascinating history of the islands through archeological and historical art collections.


Roughly 7 miles away from St Helier you’ll find Gorey, a charming little town with picturesque houses located along the harbor. There’s a castle to explore as well as a pier that boasts some of the best seafood to be had in the region. The Mont Orgneil Castle is without a doubt its main attraction; it’s a medieval castle that dates back to the reign of King John.


St Catherine’s Bay

If you’re a fisher you’ll definitely want to head out to St Catherine’s Bay or the secluded Rozel Bay with their narrow, sandy beaches. The Archirondel Tower on St Catherine’s is built on a rocky outcrop that overlooks the bay and dates back to 1792 when it was used as a military garrison. It’s the ultimate destination for a sleep-over, albeit you’ll have to take your own sleeping bags, and will have to make use of the washrooms in the nearby café.

Channel Islands, The United Kingdom

The Durrell Wildlife Park

Established in 1958 by the writer Gerald Durrell, the Trinity Wildlife Park is a zoo that focuses on conservation and houses a collection of rare animals, amphibians and reptiles. After you’re done exploring, head over to the nearby Bouley Bay with its small sandy bays nestled peacefully along the rocks.

Les Platons

Jersey’s highest peak stands tall at 446 feet and boasts some of the best views of the natural landscape of the north coast including Bonne Nuit Bay and the Mont Mado granite quarries. You might want to explore St John’s Bay while you’re here, but don’t miss La Houle Cave and Sorrel Point located on the most northerly point of the island of Jersey.

St Ouen’s Bay

St Ouen’s Bay makes up roughly the entire west coast of Jersey. It’s a popular surf spot but there’s also pottery, leather goods and jewelry galore in this area, so if you don’t surf, at least browse the shops. You can also find the German Occupation Museum here if you’re a history buff.

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