The Best Time to Travel

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The Best Time to Travel by Bigstock

Imagine planning a seemingly perfect holiday. You’ve got the Visas sorted, the hotel booked and all the activities planned out, down to the T. But then what was supposed to be bliss turns out to be a rainy bleh…OR you had these great activities planned, but turned out not doing one single activity thanks to the masses of tourists that literally swamped the place and left you with less than 5 inches of breathing space…

Nothing ruins a holiday quite like planning it for the wrong season. And we totally get that you might really not have known this, which is why we’re giving you a heads up here. Right off the bat we’ll say that peak season traveling is rarely ever a good idea. Unless off course you love skin-on-skin action in public places and you have no problem with pushing through crowds on a daily basis. Not only are peak seasons known for seeing massive crowds, but they’re also when hotels and transportation companies pus their rates sky high, since they know they’ll make a killing, just like they did last year.

Most countries across the globe tend to have beautiful and very pleasant autumn and spring seasons, since they don’t see scores of feet, the weather is mild and the natural beauty is in full swing.

We always advise on checking out country-specific rain trends, which is something that could keep you locked indoors. We have a lot of great info on when to travel to what country, so make sure you read up on and follow our expert advice!

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