Listen up foodies. Gothenburg and the West Coast of Sweden is where you want and need to be for its amazing seafood, superb restaurants and a coastline that’s bound to steal your heart. Göteborg, is Sweden’s no.2 city, yet it’s a world apart from the normal Swedish scene you’ll experience in Stockholm.

Top Attractions in Gothenburg


The Fish Market with its church-like setting is one of the very best places to feast on Gothenburg’s amazing seafood. From hordes of restaurants to the local artisan fishmongers, is you’re a seafoodie, this is a must visit destination. Restaurant Gabriel is a great place for a sit down meal if you’re not feasting on some take-away foods at the adjacent canal.


As one of Gothenburg’s oldest neighborhoods, Haga dates back to the 17th century and promises oodles of charm, even more so in the neighborhood of Haga Nygata with its old timber houses and intriguing shops. Café Husaren is best known for selling one of the world’s largest cinnamon buns, or as they call it: Kanelbullar. There’s also the Haga Bathhouse with the great spa and restaurant or the famous Bräutigam chocolatiers who have been around for more than 140 years. Head out to the southeast of the city and get an amazing view of the area from Skansen Kronan and when night falls Pustervik, just outside of the city provides you with some sensational live music.

The Gothenburg Museum of Art

The Konstmuseet is not only Gothenburg’s pride and joy; in fact that Gothenburg Art Museum boasts some of the best art collections in all Northern Europe. With big names on display like Carl Larsson, Anders Zorn, Picasso, Chagall, Mnet and Rembrandt among the many others, the museum is really worth checking out if you’re into art. Right next door you’ll find the City Theatre and Concert Hall.

Liseberg Amusement Park

It seems like the Swedish really took family into consideration when they created the amazing infrastructure they erected many moons ago, and the Liseberg Amusement Park is no exception to the rule. With rides and rollercoasters, concerts and amazing markets, the park boasts roughly 40 different attractions. You might have heard about AtmosFear, Europe’s tallest freefall ride, and THIS is where you can man up and brave the fear factor. For the less adventurous, there’s the Balder and the great Liseberg Big Wheel, but there’s also an abundance of great food, games and an awe-inspiring bloom season on show during the spring months.

Älvsborg Fortress

While it’s widely up for debate, Älvsborg has got to be the most spectacular preserved fortress in Sweden. If a boat excursion here isn’t on your itinerary, something’s wrong. The great dramatized guided tour is perfectly complemented by the on-site café, the small handicraft shop and off course the charming winding paths set in the picturesque landscape.


The Garden Society of Gothenburg is one of Europe’s most beautifully preserved 19th century parks, and the best part is it lies right in the heart of the city. With its rolling lawns, charming pathways and great historic buildings, there’s a lot to see and do besides just kick back. Check out the Palm House that was inspired by the design of the Crustal Palace in London. The kids can revel in the great playground with its swings, slides and secret paths all en-tow. The park also has some great restaurants, cafes and regular concerts and live performances hosted throughout the year.

Universeum Science and Natural History Museum

Home to the largest Science Center in all of the Nordic countries, Gothenburg boasts the Universeum Science and Natural History Museum. It has a little something on offer for just about everyone with aquariums, indoor rainforests, animal encounters, a science and forensic crime lab and a space exhibition among the many attractions.

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