Stop-Overs - Will You Have One En-Route to Your Destination?

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Stop-Overs - Will You Have One En-Route to Your Destination? by Bigstock

You may have read our visa section, and checked with the country you are travelling to that you don’t need a visa or already arranged for one. That’s all good now, but what if you have a stopover in a different country on your way to your final destination? Some countries need to know in advance that you’ll be passing by, which means you have one more administrative task to take care of before you can go ahead and relax.

Check to see if you require a transit visa, even if you are not planning to leave the airport during the transit! Some countries won’t let you go through the transit section without it, and you won’t be able to board another plane in the transit country without this important piece of documentation.

If you plan to avoid any frustration at the airport, this is a very critical to-do before you leave for your holiday. You’ll also want to check out how long you’ll be delayed and make sure that you have accommodation booked if the stop-over is overnight. As we always say: plan for the best, but be prepared for the worst, you’ll have the best vacation of your life!

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