Salamanca is located in Spain’s interior not far from the capital Madrid. The city is famous for its stunning beauty and for having one the best and oldest universities in Europe. Salamanca is popular with young people, students, and foreigners and that adds to the lively atmosphere of this photogenic city. Salamanca is often called the golden city because of the sand coloured buildings that give the city its special character. The city is educated, sophisticated, cultural and historical. And above all that it is probably one of Spain’s prettiest cities, if not the prettiest.

There is a lot to see in this city. The cities architecture will keep you occupied for many days simply admiring its beauty. If you want to get the most out of your stay, go on a tour, or get some walking route itineraries from the local tourist offices. There is a lot of renaissance architecture in the city and there are many beautiful churches and other interesting buildings to visit. Visit the Casa de las Conchas, the house of shells. The façade of this beautiful building is covered in shells. This building is made out of sandstone and was built in the 16th century

Things to do and see in Salamanca

Visit local museums

The city is also home to a range of excellent museums. Visit the Museo de Art Nouveau y Art Decó. This museum has an excellent selection of artworks. There are many more museums some focus on the history of the city, others focus on culture or art. There is even a museum dedicated to the practice of bullfighting.

Salamanca is in the bull fighting region

Salamanca is located at the hearth of the bull fighting region of Spain. Bull fights are still held in the arena. Outside the town there are bull ranches where you can witness young matadors practicing their skills. If you don’t feel good about the tradition of bull fighting you can also go on horse riding trips from here.

Nightlife in Salamanca

Salamanca has a great nightlife. Being home to many students this city never sleeps. The main area for going out is at the hearth of the city at the Plaza Mayor square. Here you will find numerous bars, café and restaurants. A popular bar in Salamanca is Cum Laude. Here good entertainment is always guaranteed and on Tuesday nights there is great cabaret show. You will find this bar close to the Plaza Mayor. Other nice bars in this area are Camelot and Puerto de Chus. In Salamanca you will come across many sophisticated bars and clubs. If you are looking for a classy and quieter night out, then move away from the busy city centre and go to the upper class neighbourhood of los Basillos, here you can enjoy a great selection of Spanish and other wines at the Vinodiario wine bar. If you are looking for something more alternative then go to the Potemkin club. Here you will find grunge and rock music.

Explore village of Béjar

When you are staying in Salamanca also visit the nearby village of Béjar. Here you can visit the oldest bullfighting arena of the country. There is also great nature; you can go to the mountains of the Sierra de Béjar, or visit the Renaissance Gardens of El Bosque. In this village you can also admire the architectural remnants of the Arab period in Spain. Also interesting is the village of Las Batuecas here you can access the natural park which is still home to the Iberian Lynx, the largest wild cat of Europe.

Keep your kids entertained!

If you are travelling with kids you can be sure they won’t get bored in Salamanca. While rambling through the city centre you will come across street entertainment by modern day troubadours, who are in fact local students dressed up in medieval costumes and making life music and performance. There are several zoological parks not far from Salamanca. There is also an aqua park in the city, and several aquariums.

Best time to visit

Tourists visit Salamanca from May to September

Getting there and around

To get around you can go by foot. The city isn’t very big and the main attractions are relatively close. If you don’t want to go by foot you can make use of the public transport, which is cheap and well organised. Taxis are also an option. To get to Salamanca you can get a plane to Barcelona airport and continue travelling by train or bus. There are also train and buses going from Madrid and Portugal. While Salamanca hasn’t got an international airport, it does have a domestic airport; there are domestic flights between Barcelona and Salamanca. Ryanair also operates flights between London, Brussels and Milan to Valladolid. From there it is 1,5 hour bus ride to Salamanca.

Travel Tips

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The main festival of Salamanca is the festival of the Virgen de la Vega. This festival takes place from the 8th till the 21st of September. The Virgen de la Vega is one of the two patron saints of the city. During the festival there is a big fair in the city. There are concerts and cultural events taking place day and night. The celebration of St. Juan de Sahagún, the other patron saint of the city, takes place on the 12th of June. During this festival there are bull runs and bull fights taking place in the city. The festivities go on for 6 days.


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