Mallorca is the largest is of the Balearic Islands in the Spanish Mediterranean Sea. The four main Islands are Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca. Each of the islands has its own character. Mallorca is diverse with its many beautiful beaches, large party-scene, and breath-taking landscapes made up from dramatic cliffs and high mountains.

Mallorca is an extremely popular holiday destination for European nationals. And this is not for no reason because Mallorca has everything on offer: sun, beach, sports, nature and culture. Here you can come with your family to relax, with your friends to party, and with your loved one to enjoy the stunning sunsets against the backdrop of dramatic cliffs.

Things to do and see in Mallorca

Party on the Bay of Palma

The Bay of Palma is home to many large tourist resorts. In summer the capital of Mallorca, Palma de Mallorca, turns into a true party destination. The nightlife is vibrant, there are many restaurants, beaches, and it is a great location from where you can discover the rest of the island. Palma is the largest city of the Balearic Islands. It is a bustling capital full with many places to discover: beautiful beaches, great restaurants, galleries, museums, and historical buildings.

Explore heritage

In Mallorca you will find trails left by the many civilisations that influenced the region: from the Greeks, to the Romans, the Byzantines, the Moors, the Catalan, and the modern Spanish. Visit the cathedral in Mallorca’s capital Palma. This is the most characteristic landmark of Palma. The interior of the church was designed by Antoni Gaudí and Miquel Barceló.

See the Castell d'Alaró

You will find Castell d'Alaró castle just outside Palma. To get to the castle it is a two hour walk up the hill. But the views are definitely worth the effort. If you don’t feel like walking it’s also possible to get there by car. This castle and ruins stem from the period that the Moors invaded Spain and defeated the Christian knights.

Go sailing

Palma de Mallorca is also a main sailing destination. From here you can make your own sailing boat trip along the Majorcan coast but also farther along the Mediterranean coasts. You can take organised tours in a catamaran or yacht. Each year many sailing races take place in Mallorca. In Mallorca there are many organised tours to choose from. Some of the best tours are the excursions to the beautiful and adventurous nature park La Reserva Puig Galatzo. Here you can opt for the adventure tour and take part in several thrilling activities like rock climbing, rope bridges, and a lot more.

Enjoy entertainment parks!

For the family there are several waterparks and entertainment parks. Visit the aquariums Marine Land or Palma Aquarium with your kids. Or, go on catamaran excursion in the open sea to see wild dolphins in their natural surroundings. On the island there are many golf courses. Fantasia Golf is a Fantasia themed golf park especially designed for kids. There are also shows organised for kids on the island, like the Pirate Show.

Visit local villages!

In the west of the island there are many charming villages surrounded by the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains, where you can stroll around in slow pace, or enjoy witnessing daily life from a terrace. The village of Deià is worth a visit. The village is located on the edge of dramatic cliffs going down to an intimate beach and cove. Another village worth visiting in this region is Valldemossa.

Explore local beaches

There are many beaches of all kinds in Mallorca. In fact Mallorca has over 120 beaches spread around the island. Here you will find pebble strands, rocky cove beaches, sand beaches, and gravel beaches. The most popular beach in Mallorca is Platja de Palma just outside the capital. It actually includes more than one beach and is the largest beach resort in Mallorca. This beach has a wonderful promenade with many bars and restaurants. Here you can go water skiing, jet skiing, paragliding, or, play beach volleyball in the sand.

In the south of the island you will find picturesque beaches of white sand and turquoise water. A beach worth visiting is the Cala Mondrago beach in Santanyi. This is also a fantastic location for snorkelling. In the west part of the island the coastline is spectacular. Some may say that it is on the west coast where you find the most impressive beaches; one of those beaches is the Sa Calobra beach in Escorca.

Best time to visit

Tourists visit Mallorca from May to October

The best time to visit Mallorca is from May till October. The winter months can be cold sometimes.

Getting there and around

Mallorca can be reached by plane from most European and Spanish cities. The main airport on the island is the Palma City Airport. From the airport there are busses going into the city centre of Palma. From there you can take a train or bus to other towns. Mallorca can also be reached by boats. Ferries to Mallorca leave from Valencia and Barcelona. And there are also ferries between Mallorca and the other Balearic islands. The best way to get around the island is to rent a car, that way you are free to visit anything and everything in your own pace. You can also rent bikes, mountain bikes, kayaks, and even rollerblades.

Travel Tips

For the true spanish experince, explore inland

Some lesser crowded but at least as nice beaches are located outside of the main towns. Life outside the capital Palma and the Bay of Palma is different. When you leave the main resorts and move more towards the inlands of the island you will see that prices start to drop and life becomes more Spanish.

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