Lloret de Mar is a popular and affordable beach holiday destination on the Costa Brava. The town is situated between Barcelona and Girona. Lloret de Mar used to be a small fishers village but grew out to become one of the most popular beaches along the whole Costa Brava. With the town’s growth as a tourist destination the town has also attracted high quality chefs and restaurants. You can now enjoy food of all standards, prices and traditions in Lloret de Mar. Lloret de Mar is mainly known as a party destination for young people. However it is also popular with families. Not the least because of the beautiful scenery and beaches. The combination of forest, beautiful architecture, and beaches makes Lloret de Mar a more then pleasant place to spend your vacations.

The Costa Brava beaches are famous for their beauty. The beaches are safe and kept clean. The coast is the typical Mediterranean shoreline of beaches and caves that can be found in the entire Mediterranean region. The water is clear and its colour is aqua green and blue. Going snorkelling in these waters opens up a whole new world for you. In Lloret de Mar you will find a broad range of diving and snorkelling companies offering classes and excursions. Apart from beaches Lloret de Mar has a lot of forest and nature. This makes Lloret de Mar de ideal destination for combining an active holiday with relaxation and beach life. In the forests surrounding the town there are many trails that can be used for hiking or mountain biking.

Things to do and see in Lloret De Mar

Visit entertainment parks

There are several entertainment parks for the family. There is the Water World waterpark, with swimming pools, a wave pool, water slides, and water rollercoasters. And then there is the aquarium Marine Land. Marine Land also offers special tours behind the screens where you will meet with the dolphins and their trainers and will get to know everything about how the trainers work with dolphins.

Hop on the Open Garden Tour Bus

To get familiar with Lloret de Mar and the nearby towns you can hop on the Open Garden Tour Bus which will bring you on a tour along the main parks, like the Botanic Gardens, the Santa Clotilde Gardens in LLoret de Mar, and the Pinya de Rosa of Blanes. The botanical gardens of the Costa Brava region are famous for their beauty and sea views. While you are in Lloret de Mar make sure you pay a visit to the Santa Clotilde Gardens. These gardens stem from the renaissance period and were designed by the Italian designer Nicolau Rubió i Tuduri.

Explore Old Town

The old town of Lloret de Mar is full of historical and cultural sights. These sights together form the MOLL: the open air museum. This open air museum includes chapels, houses and other buildings that show the heritage of the Indianos. The Indianos is the name used for people who left for South American and the Caribbean and who came back to Spain after making a fortune and invested in the town. Part of Lloret de Mar was built in what is now called the ‘Indiano period’. The Indianos also brought a lot of modernist art to the town, which is still visible in the streetscape. During the annual Americanos Fair the town goes back to the times of the Indianos.

Visit the Can Xardo and Can Comadran chapels

Other historical sights worth visiting are the Can Xardo and Can Comadran chapels, and the Castell d'en Plaja. This beautiful castle stands out because of its unique location on the edge of a cliff surrounded by forests. In and around the town there are also remnants to be found of the Romanian and Iberian period. There are also many smaller and larger towns around Lloret de Mar worth visiting. Go and visit Cadaqués; the tranquillity of this white painted fisher’s village with cobble stone will enchant you.

Best time to visit

Tourists visit Lloret de Mar from May to September

As in most of Spain gets very crowded in summer, if you want to avoid the crowds it’s better to go in Spring or autumn.

Getting there and around

Lloret de Mar can easily be reached from the Barcelona and Girona airports. An alternative option is to fly to Perpignan in France. Lloret de Mar is also very accessible by car or train, and you can get there by boat from other Spanish coastal towns. There are also buses going to Lloret de Mar from several European capitals. Most of these are filled with teenagers wanting to party in Spain. There are several ways to get around the town. The public transport is a city bus with excellent connections between all major tourist sites. It is also possible to hire a car, motor bike, or bicycle.

Travel Tips

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There are many interesting and colourful festivals to enjoy in Lloret de Mar. Among others there is the Carnival in early spring, the Mediaeval Fair, and Santa Christina’s day on the 24th of July. Santa Christina is Lloret de Mar’s patron saint. On the day of her celebration the town is filled with processions, dances, and shows. Apart from festivals there is a good nightlife in Lloret de Mar all year around. You can enjoy many restaurants, cafes, discotheques, and cocktail bars. Did you know that the frozen daiquiri cocktail was invented in Lloret de Mar?


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