High Tatras Mountains

The border between Poland and Slovakia happens to be one of the country’s most attractive destinations. The Tatra Mountains in their majority peak at an average of around 900 meters high, with Mount Gerlach, the highest peak towering out at more than 2,655 meters above sea level. If you plan on skiing, this is the best place in Slovakia to get it done.

Top Attractions in the High Tatras

High Tatras Resort

Tatranská Lomnica

Tatranská Lomnica is another one of the Trantra Mountain’s resort towns, and its most notable attraction has to be the cable car ride that goes up the steep slopes of the Lomnický štít. The town provides tourists with the best opportunity to get a bird’s eye view over the area.



Nestled on the foothills of the High Tatra Mountains is the city of Poprad, one of Slovakia’s largest resort towns. Its narrow-gauge rail system connects the town with an abundance of Ski Resorts and the mountains with one another. The Town Center is quaint and well worth getting lost in for a few hours, but Poprad’s biggest attraction is definitely the massive thermal waterpark, Aquacity Poprad.

Štrbské Pleso

As one of the most popular skiing spots in the Tatra Mountain Range, Štrbské Pleso is best known for its amazing slopes and glacial lake nearby. If you’re brave enough, this town is also a great base for hiking up the surrounding mountains with stunning trails that lead up to Rysy and Kriváň peaks, symbols of Slovakia. Do make sure you stop by Popradské pleso – one of the Tatra’s most captivating areas within the High Tatras National Park boasting superb health resorts.

Starý Smokovec

The resort town of Starý Smokovec caters for tourists during the winter with awesome skiing opportunities as well as during the summer with its magical hiking trails. Among your options for accommodation you’ll find the 1904 Grand Hotel that happens to be one of the town’s most notable buildings.



Dating back to the dawn of the 15th century, the quaint old town of Ždiar is fast becoming a tourist hotspot, and the reason isn’t hard to understand. With awe-inspiring natural scenery and ancient architecture, the town really has a lot on offer. From the valleys of the Monkova dolina with its superb hotel to the Bachledova dolina for incomparable skiing experiences, this town might be small, but it’s far too big to miss out on.

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