It’s a very laidback town filled with heaps and bounds of students, making Trondheim a colorful experience that has to be seen. It’s a fun place to enjoy a good Norwegian party and meet the locals, but you might also be interested in the great local restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs that are bound to keep you occupied for more than just a day.

Top Attractions in Trondheim

Ringve Music Museum and Botanical Garden

Defying all you though you knew about a museum experience, the Ringve Music Musem and Botanical Garden is an anything but a “skippable” destination. The vast collection of musical instruments is a must see and a walk around the park amidst the farm buildings is the best way to get to where you can have some great lunch, the tea house!

Nidarosdomen Cathedral

This is yet another one of Trondheim’s great sights, and boasts impressive architecture (much the same as mot other great churches throughout Europe). The cathedral has an intriguing history that’s linked to King Olav II (or St. Olav as he was better known). It’s definitely one of Europe’s most popular pilgrimage destinations. The Pilgrim Paths to Trondheim and St. Olav Ways have the same significance as those leading to Rome and Santiago de Compostela to give you a rough idea.

Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum

For a peek into architectural traditions and ways of life throughout the history of Norway, a stop at the Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum is a must. You might also wat to stop by the National Museum of Decorative Arts - Nordenfjeldske KIM, the Trondheim Museum of Art, the NTNU University Museum and the Archbishop’s Palace Museum, that make for some memorable exploration day trips.

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