As Northern Norway’s largest city, the port of Tromsø dates back to the 13th century and is still one of the country’s most important fishing ports. This is where you’ll have an amazing opportunity to see and study the northern lights, or Norway’s Aurora Borealis. Another great feature of Tromsø is the midnight sun, which is visible from mid-May to mid-July here.

Top Attractions in Tromso


Tromsø's Polaria museum covers anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Arctic. The design itself is immaculate with what looks like Arctic ice floes pressed up on land by rough seas, and then there’s the Arctic Aquarium, exhibits and the panoramic cinema that features films about the Arctic Wilderness. Don’t forget the Arctic Walkway with its simulated Arctic Winter Storm, a polar bear, the tundra and the aurora borealis on display.

Arctic Cathedral

The triangular Tromsdal Chruch, better known as the Arctic Cathedral is located just before the Tromsø Bridge on the mainland, and it’s a brilliant masterpiece that illustrates the modern architectural genius of Han Inge Hovig that designed the church back in 1965. The massive 1500 square feet stained glass window that depicts the returning of Christ occupies the entire east end of the building and is a sight that’s famous in its own right.

Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden

The unique collections of Northern Norway’s flora on display at the Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden are best seen from May month onwards. This is when the purple saxifrage and yellow cushion plants are in bloom and most of the plants continue blooming until October when the snow returns to the region.

Science Center of Northern Norway

If you want the opportunity to really see the Northern Lights as close-up as possible, a visit to Norway’s largest planetarium, The Science Center of Northern Norway, is in order. The massive digital screen perfectly displays the aurora borealis and also offers visitors the opportunity to delve into the phenomena with more than 80 interactive installations that cover arctic related themes like energy, climate and weather.

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