Stavanger is a bustling city on Norway’s southwest coast, and it’s the country’s 3rd largest city. As one of Norway’s oldest communities, Stavanger dates back as far as the 12th Century that has become a popular recreation area in modern times. With its collection of nearby lakes and a great mild climate, Stavanger is the perfect place to explore the vibrant culture and popular events held here annually.

Top Attractions in Stavanger


Also known as Preacher’s Pulpitm this is one of Stanvanger’s most striking attractions. This flat-topped crag rises roughly 1,960 feet above the water and can be reached by road or ferry and requires a 2 hour trek to get to the top. This is not an experience that the faint of heart should attempt, but for the adventurous nature lovers, the views from the top are spectacular.

Stavanger Cathedral

Built in the 12th century bu Reginald of Worcester (Bishop Reinhald as he was later dubbed), this original three-aisle Romanesque basilica was renovated during the 19th century. You’ll find it in the city center and some of its most notable features include the carved Baroque pulpit, the stone font of the Gothic period and the stained glass that depicts the New Testament scenes on the east side of the building.

Museum of Archeology

Stavanger’s Museum of Archeology is a great Viking museum and offers visitors an opportunity to gaze upon the replica vessels and costumes to really get your Viking fix in. Since Norway is best known for its Viking history, no trip to the country would be complete without a visit to at least one of these museums.

Old Stavanger

Referred to by the locals as Gamle Stanvager, the old part of the city is actually one of the most beautiful parts to see. With its collection of older homes built along meandering cobblestone streets, the old city is Northern Europe’s oldest surviving wooden house settlement. The streets are whimsical but the museums and galleries are also well worth exploring. Make sure you stop by the Maritime Museum on Nedre Strandgate and the Norwegian Fish Canning Museum.

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