Norway’s second largest fjord spans 111 miles and extends from Herøysund to Odda on the Sørfjord and its probably one of the most popular areas for tourists to visit thanks to the mild climate and awe-inspiring natural surroundings. From the glaciers to the waterfalls, the bountiful fruit trees in the area and the picturesque spring blossoms, Hardangerfjord is a beautiful and captivating place.

Top Attractions in Hardangerfjord


Voss is the Hardangerfjord area’s largest town and some of its main attractions include the Voss Church, St. Olav’s Cross, Finneloftet Museum, and the Voss Folk Museum. It’s a great year round tourist destination that boasts more than enough to see and do.


Sørfjorden is Hardangerfjord’s longest arm and makes for the perfect destination from where you can head out and explore the Folgefonna National Park with its massive 21 mile long and 10 mile wide glacier. Then there’s also the town of Kinsarvik which is where you can hike out on a magical trail in the Husadalen Valley with 4 breathtaking waterfalls tucked away between the whimsical scenery


As one of Europe’s largest mountain plateaus, Hardangervidda is one of Norway’s most popular spots for outdoor activities, camping, hiking and skiing in the winter with its marked trails, numerous lakes and little streams. In the vicinity you’ll also find the other big glacier, Hardangerjøkulen, and the Hardangervidda Nature Centre.


Ulvik is one of the most famous holiday resorts in Hardangerfjord and the road to the resort is half of the experience itself. Descending from a height of 1,150 feet down to the village, the scenic stretch of road is a pleasurable journey and once you get there you might want to explore the quaint little church that was built in 1858. There’s also the State College of Horticulture and the nearby train station at Finse on the Bergen railway.


The Agatunet Museum is located in Aga, and it’s one of Norway’s only remaining original farm hamlets. The museum consists of 30 listed buildings, some of which date back to the Middle Ages.

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