Bergen’s city center is a great place to start your travels up Floyen Mountain for some of the best views over the second largest city in Norway. It might be smaller in size compared to Oslo, but its rich in history and it’s filled with beautiful sights and delicious seafood. Like Trondheim, Bergen is a university town, so it has a lot of energy going around, which should definitely cheer you up since the weather is mostly rainy here.

Top Attractions in Bergen

Bergen Museum of Cultural History

For a great look at Norse and Scandinavian culture, the Museum of Cultural History in Bergen offers you a great exhibit. There’s loads of archeological artifacts and furniture on display and the folk art is a must see.

The Fresco Hall

Comprising of 4 panels that feature illustrations of each region of the city from the time, the Fresco Hall is considered a local treasure of Bergen and has been around since the 19020’s when it was painted by the local artist Axel Revold.

Fløibanen Funicular Railway

To get the best view of Bergen, this is the vehicle you want to be in! The train will take you up to Mount Floyen, standing tall at 1050 feet above sea level, for some of the most breathtaking views of the surrounding islands.

Gallery Nygaten 7

With its bold, dramatic and impressive architecture and exhibits, the Gallery Nygaten 7 is one of Norway’s most impressive galleries and is a sight definitely worth seeing.

Gamle Bergen

This outdoor museum features 40 houses that depict life during the 18th and 18th centuries in Norway. It’s an interesting and informative look into Norway’s history and one of the best ways to get the real understanding behind Norwegian culture.

Milde Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Covering 125 acres of land, the Botanical Garden in Milde houses thousands of trees, plants, flowers and shrubs, and during the months of May and June the rhododendrons are in bloom, which means it’s one hell of a sight to see. If you miss that, don’t worry because July and August is when pretty much everything else in the garden is in bloom.

Bergen Aquarium

One of Bergen’s best family-friendly attractions is the Aquarium. It houses a collection of some of Europe’s largest seal and penguin exhibits as well as a highly-extensive marine fauna collection among the other occupants such as fish and invertebrates.

Folgefonni Glacier

Just a few miles north of Bergen you’ll find the Folgefonni glacier. If you’re a climber at heart, you might enjoy taking on the ice precipices and strolling across the thousand-year-old ice desert.

Rosenkrantz Tower

The Rosenkrantz Tower dates back to medieval times when it served as a residence and a fortified tower. Today however, it offers tourists amazing views of the ocean outside and inside it lends you a peek at the life of the past with the beautiful architecture and décor. The dungeon is a major drawing point and a sight you just have to see.

Ole Bulls Plass

This is one of Bergen’s most popular meeting places, which obviously means it offers quite a lot to see to travelers. You’ll be able to gaze at various sculptures throughout the area, but the most famous include The Lying Poet, Ole Bull and The Blue Stone.

Runemanen Mountain

Since the city is called after a name which implies it has a lot of mountains surrounding it, it makes sense that some of those mountains would be touristic attractions. Runemanen Mountain is one of the 7 mountains that surround Bergen and offers you some great hiking trails for a fun day out. Trails catering to beginners and intermediates alike mean that it’s a great spot for just about any hiker (or would-be hiker) to head to for the day.

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