As one of Norway’s most popular tourist destinations, the area of Ålesund is best known for its Art Nouveau architecture, its high Sunnmøre Alps peaks and many new cultural and entertainment hotspots.

Top Attractions in Ålesund

Art Nouveau Ålesund

The heart of Ålesund is one of Europe’s most complete Art Nouveau cityscapes and comprises of stunning towers, turrets and creative ornamentation that’s best explored by foot. The city has many guided walking tours on offer daily.

Ålesund Harbor

Located between the islands of Nørvøy and Aspøy, Ålesund Harbor is sheltered by the Skansen peninsula. On offer here is an abundance of fascinating architecture and older buildings once used by fishermen. The harbor is also home to some of Europe’s largest fishing fleets and has a stop for the Hurtigruten route, the coastal service that connects all of Norway.

Ålesund Town Park

To get the best view of the city, you’ll have to climb up 418 stairs to the top of Mount Aksla for a true bird’s eye view of the area. This lookout point forms part of the Ålesund Town Park which also boasts two statues, one of Kaiser Wilhelm II and the other of Gange-Rolf, a local Viking hero of the year 1911.

Ålesund Aquarium

The Ålesund Aquarium is one of Northern Europe’s largest saltwater-aquariums, which means you’ll have a fantastic exploration experience here. The aquarium is built into the coastline and crisscrosses with scenic walking trails, 11 large aquariums, open encounter pools and activity pools.


22 miles south of Ålesund lay Hjørundfjord which is surrounded with the majestic Sunnmøre Alps mountain range. The fjord’s wooden scenery is actually best explored by boat and highlights include stops at Union Øye, an old hotel in the village of Øye. Then there’s also the Sunnmøre Museum in Borgundgavlen, a collection of historic homes and buildings, which is definitely worth seeing.

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