Capital City: Monaco
Currency: Euro
Official Language: French, with Monégasque (the national language), English ad Italian also being widely spoken.


Welcome to Monaco, where privilege oozes out of just about anything and everything!
Known as the Mediterranean member’s only club, Monaco offers an opulent lifestyle, safe environments and some of the most top end spending options such as the million dollar yachts in the Monte Carlo harbor, golden champagne flowing freely and off course, Formula 1. Monaco is the place to be if you want to attend glitzy and glamorous events with the Tennis Masters Series in April and the F1 Grand Prix in May. There’s also the Monte Carlo Opera and the Spring Arts Festival to keep you entertained…as long as your bank balance can handle the weight. It’s a destination that’s about a lot more than just the wealthy travelers, because Monaco with its balmy climate and sought after seaside location is indeed a breathtaking country.From scenic walking routes to coastal bays and al fresco cafés, this small but impressive country has a lot in store just waiting to be explored. Monaco might be a little bubble of extravagance with loads of luxury and policemen, but man is a spectacular showdown to bear witness to!

Must see places in Monaco

Prince Palace Monaco

Palais Princier

We just mentioned it, but the Prince’s Palace is definitely worth paying a visit to. Guided tours, panoramic views over the Port and Monte-Carlo and the changing of the guards ceremony is enough to keep you entertained for an entire day.



Also known as Le Rocher or The Rock, Monaco-Ville is the remains of a medieval village that has some stunning scenery on display. The pedestrian streets and passageways account for almost all surface area of the village where the older century’s houses still stand. This is also where you’ll find the Prince’s Palace, the Cathedral, the Oceanographic Museum, the City Hall and the Saint Martin Gardens.

Fort Antoine

Last but certainly not least, Fort Antoine comes in as another unmissable must see sight in Monaco. This open-air theatre that was rebuilt in 1953 showcases prestigious military architecture. The watchtower and the stage with its arrangements of cannonballs as the centerpiece give the fort a magnificent ambience and makes it an unmissable sight to see.

La Codamine

This is where you’ll head to feast your eyes on the super-yachts ad cruise ships that dock in the marina of the second oldest district in Monaco. The thriving business district boasts the Condamine Market and the rue Princesse-Caroline mall to keep you entertained.


Monaco Cathedral

Built in 1875 on the site of a 13th century church, this Romanesque-Byzantine church was dedicated to Saint Nicolas. This is where you’ll notice the display of the remains of the former Princess of Monaco and Princess Grace. Outside of the cathedral on the church square are some of Monaco-Ville’s best restaurants to keep your foodie side satisfied.


Monte Carlo Grand Casino

Casino de Monte-Carlo might be an entertainment venue, but it’s a destination worth visiting in all its might and splendor. Officially one of the world’s most famous and glamorous casinos, the Grand Casino features décor such as marble, onyx, frescoes and sculptures set to leave you breathless.

Jardin Exotique

Also known as the Exotic Gardens, these gardens are home to thousands of rare plants from across the world and calls for a leisurely walking tour to explore the fauna. The gardens also have a cave with scheduled guided tours trailing up the stairs that equate to 6 stories.

Grimaldi Forum

At the Monaco convention center you’ll be blown away by the stunning glass entrance, the two restaurants and the auditoriums for shows and conventions.

Lavartto Beach

If you need to get in a bit of well-deserved sun and sea, the public beach of Lavartto is the best place to head out to. The cafés that line the beach come in very handy to pick up some refreshments from.



Fontvielle has a lot on offer. With more than 180 varieties of roses at the Princess Grace Rose Garden, you’re bound to get a little florally inclined after a visit. Then there’s also The Museum of Stamps and Coins with its rare philatelic items from Monaco’s postal history. Oh and we should probably mention the fact that this is also where you’ll be able to view Prince Rainier III’s private collection of classic cars, boasting over 100 classic cars. Finally there’s also the Naval Museum and the Zoological Terraces to explore.

The Oceanographic Museum Monaco

The Oceanographic Museum

This world famous museum ad aquarium is located 279 meters above sea level and has some stunning collections of marine life on display. The aquarium houses over 4,000 species of fish and more than 200 families of invertebrates. Once you’re doe touring the museum and aquarium, sit down for a tantalizing lunch spread at La Terrasse and purchase a curio or two at the gift shop

Things to do in Monaco


Take a Gamble

If your budget can afford it, try your luck in style at the Grand Casino in Monte-Carlo. Located in Monaco’s most exclusive quartier, the casino is surrounded with luxury hotels, restaurants and boutiques.

Take a spa day

Monaco has quite an extensive collection of health and beauty spas where you can relax and unwind in real style and luxury. One of the best spas is the Thermes Marins de Monte Carlo.

Enjoy Formula 1

This catamaran-type boat is equipped with two windows in the hull for underwater vision which allows the passengers to view the seabed of the coast of Monaco is the most unreal way.

Take a trip on the Aquavision

This catamaran-type boat is equipped with two windows in the hull for underwater vision which allows the passengers to view the seabed of the coast of Monaco is the most unreal way.

Board the Azur Express

The Azur Express is a touristic train that tours all over Monaco. On the trip you’ll see Monaco Port, Monte-Carlo and the Palaces. You’ll also stop by the Casino and its gardens, the Old Town and then the Prince’s Palace.

Best Time to Visit Monaco

Tourists visit Monaco from May to September

With a mild climate throughout the year, there isn’t really a “bad” time to visit Monaco. The hottest months are between July and August and the coolest months are between January and February. The “cooler” season is also when Monaco has its annual rainfall, with an average of only 60 rainy days per year.

Facts about Monaco

Monaco is the world’s most densely populated independent country
Champagne is considered the national beverage in Monaco, and a single glass can reach the €40 mark is upscale establishments!
Monaco is a virtually crime-free destination, with one police officer for every 68 people living there
Kissing someone on both cheeks is a standard form of greeting in Monaco

Travel Tips

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  • Barbagiuan is a type of pastry filled with rice and pumpkin
  • Fougasse are fragrant orange flower water pastries that are decorated with nuts, almonds and aniseed.
  • Socca are chick-pea flour pancakes
  • Stocafi is a dish consisting of dried cod cooked in tomato sauce
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  • Never refer to the locals as being French, this is considered an insult and rude
  • Monaco laws require you to always have your ID with you, so for tourists, it is essential to always carry your passport with you whenever you’re out and about

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