Capital City: Malé
Currency: Rufiyaa
Official language: Dhivehi is the native language of the Maldives with English being widely spoken

% of the Maldives is made up of water
Welcome to paradise on earth…
Known for its sandy white beaches, warm tropical waters and dreamy weather, the chain of islands that make up Maldives is undeniably a bucket list destination for island paradise lovers from across the globe. Just imagine…pristine coral reefs, translucent Indian Ocean water paradises, a little isolation and locals as friendly as they come. Yes…the Maldives is all they say it is, and more! Spread out over 26 coral atolls, the 1,200 small islands of the Maldives makes up just a little more than 100 square miles, but small as the actual land surface area might be, it’s still a destination with massive possibilities. So the country is made up of 99% ocean and just 1% land area, but the watery wonderland is home to some of the most remarkable marine species in the world, and that little piece of land mass might just prove to be some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes you’ve ever seen.

Must see places in Maldives



The capital city of the Maldives is home to some very interesting mosques, museums and touristic activities. It’s also home to the oldest mosque in the Maldives, called the Hukuru Miskiiy, which dates back to 1656. Other great attractions include the National Art Gallery, the National Stadium and the beautiful Sultan’s Park.

Banana Reef

Known for its great diving and snorkeling opportunities, the Banana Reef is a protected marine area in the Maldives that boasts an abundance of caves overhangs and stunning cliff lines, not to mention the awe inspiring coral growth with its diverse variety of marine life.


Bathala Island

Located in Ari Atoll, this picturesque island boasts soft white sand and lush natural plant life. If you really want to experience something small and intimate, Bathala is the place to be. You won’t be spending too much time here, seeing as it only takes 10 minutes to walk the perimeter, but it’s a sight not to be missed.

Fish Head

Also known as Mushimasmingali Thila, Fish Head is a renowned diving spot in the Maldives, and with good reason! The massive amounts of grey reef sharks is what this area is best known for, but you’ll also be blown away by the wide variety of other fish species that call this area home.

The National Museum

In the capital of Malé, you’ll find the National Museum of the Maldives located in Sultan’s Park. It’s been around since 1952 and depicts a story of rich cultural heritage and history of all things Maldives.

Things to do in Maldives


Swim with the gentle giants

The Maldives is one of the few places in the world where you can swim peacefully right alongside majestic marine animals like the whale sharks and manta rays.

Visit the Mirihi Islands

Although the islands are home to one quarantined island protecting the local flower that grows there, one of the other Mirihi Islands offer a resort with 36 tourist bungalows. Its one of the most exquisite and popular tourist beaches in the Maldives.

Do some watersports at Nalaguraidhoo Beach

Renowned for its clear azure waters, shimmering white sands and pristine natural surroundings, Nalaguraidhoo Beach is one of the most popular in the Maldives and perfect for a day spent out in the water.

Dive at Banana Reef

It’s one of the oldest dive sites in the Maldives and named after the banana shape of the island from an aerial view. With some of the most impressive caves, cliffs and coral growths, Banana Reef is one of the best scuba diving spots in the Maldives.

Pick the time right

Tourists visit Maldives between December and April

Thanks to the year round pleasant weather that the Maldives see, any time is actually a great time for stopping by. The rainy season runs from June through to July, and the driest time is considered to be from December through to April. The dry season sees the most sunshine, so if you’re into long days on the beach, it would be the best time to travel here.

Did you know?

The first ever underwater cabinet meeting was held in the Madives
The Maldives is the lowest and flattest country in the world

For winning the hearts of the locals try the phrase “Assalaamu Alaikum” as a general greeting

Travel Tips

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  • Mashuni is a popular breakfast dish that consists of smoked tuna and coconut
  • Dhon Riha is a Maldivian curry
  • Theluli Mas is a dish of spicy fried fish
  • Breadfruit
    Bis Keemiya is a pastry envelope filled with tuna and egg
  • Masala Chai Tea
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  • To help cut the cost of island hopping, do make use of the ferry system
  • Alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden in the Maldives except inside of resorts
  • The Maldives has a casual but modest dress code, for this reason, stick to swimwear only on the beaches and resort pool areas
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