Capital of Kenya: Nairobi
Official language: Swahili
Currency:Kenya Shilling
Different ethnic groups houses Kenya

Jambo and welcome to the great country of Kenya! Step inside a world where glaciated mountain peaks, volcanoes, granitic hills, dessert landscapes, islands and breathtaking coral reefs all come together under one roof. Ultimate relaxation or daring adventure activities are well within every tourists reach and ultimately this African paradise might just blow you mind. From the prehistoric records of mankind to the present day, Kenya has always been a land rich in diversity, contrasts and unending change. Allow the African magic to unfold around you as you take a glimpse into what is on offer.

Why is Kenya so unique? It’s a true African gem. No other country in the world can offer as many diverse opportunities to travelers when compared to Kenya. Within the borders you get to explore the savannahs, rich cultural diversity, pristine beaches, tropical forests and roaring mountains. Delivering more than you ever expected possible, this country is truly unique and unlike any neighboring countries.

Kenya is known for its great archeological rich discovery fields where evidence of early man is still being uncovered to this day. Furthermore it boasts some very talented athletes as well as being the birth place of the USA’s president, Barack Obama’s Father. Mount Kenya and the awe inspiring Masai Mari probably is the most attractive features that this country has to offer.

Must see places in Kenya



Here you can find a little of everything, It’s the largest, busiest and loudest city in Kenya and definitely worth a visit. You can expect things such as glitzy hotels and great shopping malls, together with the best display of local cuisine and a rich cultural exchange.

The Giraffe Centre Kenya

The Giraffe Centre

Home to the endangered Rothschild Giraffe, this center provides the great interactions with the giraffes and some might even be lucky enough to get a real sloppy smooch from one of the gentle giants.

Fort Jesus Kenya

Fort Jesus

Telling a tale of power struggle between European, Middle Eastern, Portuguese, Arab and British forces this museum offers some amazing historical insight and showcases some great architecture and interesting relics.

Masai Mara Game Reserve Kenya

Masai Mara Game Reserve

The thrill of the big 5 (lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and elephant) up close is unmatched and this amazing reserve provides tourists with great experiences and lifetimes worth of memories.

Lamu Kenya


A short charter plane trip will land you on the one car island of Lamu. On display are the fascinating colorful markets and the amazingly fresh and delectable seafood all set in 1700’s architecture.

Great Rift Valley Kenya

Great Rift Valley

This age old excavation site where early humanoid remains is still being discovered is a sight unlike any other. It splits the plateau and opens up the imagination to a land before time.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Kenya

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

This center specializes in caring for orphaned elephants and black rhinos and re-introducing them into the wild. The sight of a baby elephant playing with its “human parent” is simply breathtaking.

Must do activities in Kenya

Tour Old Town Mombasa Kenya

Tour Old Town Mombasa

Tour Old Town Mombasa – Ancient buildings with 1600 Portuguese architecture mixed with Middle Eastern street flair found in this historic town entices visitors from all walks of life.

Offbeat safari @ Amboseli National Park

Offbeat safari @ Amboseli National Park – This big 5 reserve offers amazing wildlife encounters and has great views of the might Kilimanjaro in the backdrop

Hike at Mount Kenya National Park

Hike at Mount Kenya National Park – See the second highest peak in Africa, Mount Kenya and explore the diverse lifesources within this ecosystem.

See the flamingoes at Lake Nakuru

See the flamingoes at Lake Nakuru – This great lake attracts thousands of pink flamingos for their annual mating rituals and is also the site where the colonies of birds build their mighty nursery where fledglings will be reared.

Travel to Lake Navisha

Travel to Lake Navisha – Present here are the might hippos, crocodiles and water buffalo that wade in the seemingly endless water pools. The park also has a superb collection of birdlife and excellent guided tours.

See Haller Park

See Haller Park – This nature park in Bamburi is a perfect example of how a quarry wasteland can be turned into an ecological paradise. One of Kenya’s top tourist attractions and sure to offers lots of fun animal encounters.

Snorkel Watamu Marine National Park

Snorkel Watamu Marine National Park – Housing more than 600 fish species and thousands of other weird and wonderful creatures, this coral garden is an amazing exploration site and is definitely worth paying a visit to.

Se the Bombas

Se the Bombas – At Langata near the main gate of Nairobi National Park, local people perform song and dance rituals from 16 different tribes. It’s a unique cultural experience and offers great entertainment.

Best time to visit Kenya

Tourists visit Kenya during the dry season

It depends where you want to go. On average April is the wettest season while August is the driest. February usually sees the hottest temperatures and July the coldest. Because of its altitude, Nairobi is cool year round. If you want to go on a safari then pick the dry season (January – March) for traveling. This is also peak tourist season and will see many of the resorts being crowded so think carefully.

Did you know?


Kenya only has two seasons, they rainy and the dry season.


Coffee export is one of Kenya’s main income sources and the locals have become so used to coffee being “for export only” that they much rather prefer tea over coffee and view it as simply for export purposes.


Giant crocodile fossils dating back over 200 million years were found in Kenya


Kenyan highlands are one of Africa’s most productive agricultural areas.

Travel Tips

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  1. Ugali – This is traditional maize meal porridge that is a staple food in Kenya.
  2. Chipates – Much like a flour tortilla, these round flour bites are served as a side dish to most main meals and tastes amazing when used to scoop up some of the main dish with.
  3. Goat Stew – A common lunch and dinner meal, this stew is basically just goats meat and vegetables with a select few spices
  4. Irio – Green peas and potatoes that have been boiled are mashed and then whole kernels of corn get added along with some secret herbs and spices. Served as a side dish to most main meals.
  5. Kenyan Pilau – It’s a spiced rice dish that fills the pallet with tastes of cardamom, cumin, cinnamon and cloves.
  6. Nyama Choma – This might possibly be the pride of Kenyan cuisine. Basically it’s open coal roasted meat. The fat and griddle are the most sought after morsels and get dunked in a pile of salt before you devour them.
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The Great Migration The astonishing annual migration of the thousands of wildebeest and zebra through the Masai Mara National Reserve is really a sight not to be missed. Predators are also almost always seen during the frenzy and this is one thrilling and captivating experience altogether (July – September)

East African Arts FestivalThis 3 day long festival is the biggest of its kind in the region and attracts thousands of competitors and spectators from around the world. A wide range of art, fashion, music and traditional crafts are on display, showcased at the Kenyan National Museum in Nairobi (March)

International Camel Derby and Festival Each year in Maralai Town this exhilarating race takes place in a semi-dessert setting. It’s a one of a kind race and also has additional entertainment such as donkey races, cycle races and children’s entertainment (August)

Mombasa Carnival This is Kenya’s largest annual event and celebrates the essence of Kenyan Culture. The beautiful main street parade with its dazzling floats showcases all tribes from across the nation and in followed by traditional dancers and a food fest unlike any other (November)

"][sp_accordion_item title="Smoking in Kenya" icon="" content="Ethiopia has a strict smoking law and no smoking is allowed in public. If you feel the need to light up do so only in demarcated areas as smoking in private homes is also illegal and special permission has to be obtained."][sp_accordion_item title="Be cautious!" icon="" content="Although you are allowed to get your Visa issued at the point of entry into the country, the cues of people waiting to get their documents issued is almost always very long. Consider getting you Visa before you travel."][sp_accordion_item title="Consider getting you Visa before you travel!" icon="" content="Although you are allowed to get your Visa issued at the point of entry into the country, the cues of people waiting to get their documents issued is almost always very long. Consider getting you Visa before you travel."][sp_accordion_item title="Prepare for dust" icon="" content="Make sure to pack warm clothes even when traveling in the warmer months as the nighttime temperatures can get quite cool, even on the hottest days."][sp_accordion_item title="Pack warm clothes with you even in summer!" icon="" content="Make sure to pack warm clothes even when traveling in the warmer months as the nighttime temperatures can get quite cool, even on the hottest days."][sp_accordion_item title="Get vaccinations before your holiday!" icon="" content="Get the recommended vaccinations such as Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Hepatitis A and Diphtheria."][/sp_accordion]
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