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How to Stay Connected Abroad

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How to Stay Connected Abroad by Bigstock

We live in a digital age. Our modern society demands that we’re always connected, checking in, liking and sharing our lives on social media. Most of us live and breathe by means of our smartphones today, and while we don’t want you to miss the sights and sounds of an adventure abroad (by having your face glued to your phone’s screen), we love advising to always take a cell phone with you abroad.

Obviously we’re not insinuating that you should be tweeting and uploading new pics to Instagram all day, your phone might just be the best backup plan for an emergency when you’re a million miles away from home. This all depends on whether or not your network provider has coverage in the country you’ll be traveling to, but you can always have your pone set up for Roaming to ensure that you can make and receive calls overseas.

If that option is just too expensive for you, consider the budget option and just purchase a prepaid SIM card in the country you’re traveling to. This is an issue in some countries though, since there are quite a few networks that will require you to register for a SIM card, something which can only be done with a proof of residence or a valid passport and VISA.

Don’t forget to pack your charger and an adaptor for the plug so that you’ll be able to capture, connect and communicate without the burden of a beeping battery.

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