Santorini, according to many the best island in Europe, is the island of lovers, if you are travelling with your loved one it is the destination you must not miss. This island looks like no other, there is nothing ordinary about it, and it is magically unique. The island is actually a volcano and the villages are built on the cliffs offering great panoramic view of the Aegean Sea and the volcano and the caldera. It is rumoured that the Lost Atlantis was located in Santorini.

Go in Santorini if you want to spend numerous hours hazing the blue sea from the traditional white villages, enjoy amazing sunsets with your partner and have relaxing holidays. Do not hesitate to spend a little more for a nice hotel room with sea view, as waking up and having a breakfast with that view will be a blast. Be prepared to fall in love again in Santorini.

Top Attractions in Santorini

Visit Fira and Oia villages

These are the two beautiful villages of the island that you can visit; Their perfectly positioned overlooking the sea and caldera. Both very picturesque and cosy and unique in its own way. Fira is a bit more vivid with more restaurants and bars, but Oia remaining is perfect for relaxation and romance. It has got the best lookouts and fabilous places to enjoy the sunset watching over the Aegean sea. There are also many tourist and art shops where you will find unique pieces of art to bring back home as a souvenir

Explore beaches

Although the beaches are not what Santorini is famous for, there are also few of them, which are as special as the island itself. Most recommended is the Red beach, which is very different from any other beach you have ever seen due to the red sand and rocks around it. Of course there are many more beaches, such as Perissa and Kamari.

Take a trip to see Volcano

How many volcanoes have you visited? Don’t worry the volcano is considered inactive with just 9 eruptions in the last 2000 years. When you arrive in the island there will be many different options of boat tours taking you to the small volcano island and back. Not only you will visit the volcano, but also see Santorini and the 300 meters caldera from the sea level. To arrive to the little port of Thira in order to take the boat you will have to follow the narrow steep path by feet or by renting a donkey.

Enjoy sunsets

Do not miss any of them! Always find a great viewpoint at the time of the sunset. The most famous one is from the castle of Oia, but it isn’t the only one. Amazing sunsets can be seen also from Fira, Firostefani and Imerovigli or just on a boat tour to the volcano or around the island.

Go diving

Santorini is indeed a great diving spot as there you can admire underwater the volcanic stones and the beautiful underwater world. There are diving centers welcoming amateurs, which can provide you with the equipment and diving lessons.

Best time to visit Santorini

Tourists visit Santorini from May to September

Getting there and around

Even-though there is an international airport in Thira, most people reach the island by ferry. There are ferries arriving daily from the port of Piraeus in Athens and from different islands.

It is highly recommended to rent a scouter, a quad or a motorbike for getting around the island, car would be fine too, but a scouter is more fun and it will be easier to park in front of your hotel/the beach. There are local buses but are not recommended.

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