According to Mythology this is the island where Zeus fought the Titans. Mykonos is the glamorous island of Greece and the second most popular party island of Europe after Ibiza. Some of the world’s most famous djs visit the island each year, as well as Greek and international celebrities do. Mykonos isn’t though just a party island with nothing else to show. The main village of Mykonos, Chora is a very picturesque one, where the only colours you see are the white of the building and the blue of the sea, also the sandy beaches of Mykonos are marvellous.

Mykonos is the ideal island if you like to party, or if you just want during some days of your trip in Greece, visit a crazy party destination. Techno and house funs will love Mykonos, but the many bars and clubs of the island will satisfy every taste in music.

Things to do and see in Mykonos

Go to the Beach bars

The party in Mykonos starts from the afternoon, or even the midday on the beach, the plenty beach bars (e.g. Tropicana, Super Paradise) located on the island organize events, host Djs and offer drinks and cocktails. Dance, fun nice people and crazy moments are guaranteed over there

Explore Delos Island

Delos is a small island next to Mykonos, which is very special because of the archaeological treasures located on it. Do not forget that you are in Greece a country inhabited for many thousands of years, and there is a proof of it in every side of Greece. The island of Delos can be visited within a day-trip from Mykonos, which is the closest island to Delos. Search for an organized trip with a guided tour on Delos in order to understand better what you will be visiting and what it symbolizes.

Visit Village of Chora

The village is very beautiful itself with the 16th century windmills on top, which create a unique medieval ambiance in the cosmopolitan and fancy village of Chora. The clubs and bars are plenty, and do not expect it to get quiet before the dawn. The best spot of the village to enjoy the sunset over a dinner or a drink is “Mikri Venetia” or “Small Venice”, the white medieval style houses with coloured wooden detail and the light of the sunset create a magical ambiance.

Explore local beaches

Mykonos is a perfect beach destination. With plenty different choices Mykonos offers crowded beaches with beach bars umbrellas etc. but also more quiet and exotic ones. Some of the most famous are: Agios Sostis, Panormos and Agia Anna beach

Love watersports?

In the beach you will find many water sports available, from renting a water bicycle to a Jet Ski or try wind surfing. Do not hesitate to try something a bit more extreme in this island of wild partying.

Pick the time right

Tourists visit Mykonos from May to September

Getting there and around

Even-though there is an international airport in Mykonos, most people reach the island by ferry. There are ferries arriving daily from the port of Piraeus in Athens and from different islands.

It is highly recommended to rent a scouter, a quad or a motorbike for getting around the island, car would be fine too, but a scouter or a quad is more fun and it will be easier to park in front of your hotel/the beach. There are local buses but are not recommended.

Travel Tips

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  • Combine the visit to Mykonos with other islands of the Cyclades as they are close to each other and in this way it will cost you less.
  • Mykonos is one of the most luxurious in Greece, as it is mostly known for exceptional services and hotels, but with some good research you can find affordable accommodation and activities on the island
  • Mykonos is also called the island of the winds, so hold a jacket with you for the night breeze.

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