Meteora are located in central Greece. It is the natural beauty of these tower rocks and the religious harmony that the monasteries built on these rocks create are unique places to visit in Greece. This landmark attracts not only religious tourists and pilgrims, but also all kind of people who are admirers of natural beauty and are seeking for calm and yet breathtaking places which is perfect for relaxation and meditation. UNESCO has characterized Meteora as a monument of humanity that has to be maintained. If you enjoy hiking you should definitely visit Meteora, as the different hiking paths are a lot and the view from the top of the rocks rewarding.

Things to do and see in Meteora

The monasteries

Six in the number (Great Meteoron monastery, St Stephen, The holy Trinity monastery, Rousanou, Varlaam monastery and Saint Nicolas monastery) the monasteries on the top of the rocks are open for visits all year long. Each and every single one of them deserves a visit. Do not miss the panoramic view and the sunset from two viewpoints, one above Rousanou and the other a little bit further on the direction of Holy Trinity.

Go hiking

Even if you aren’t fans of hiking choose one of the days you will stay in Kalabaka (the city under Meteora) to follow one of the paths. The nature and the feeling of breathing clean air and being one with the nature will reward you. If you manage to arrive on the top of one of the rocks the pleasure will be even greater. The hiking paths are many and for all hikers (amateurs and experts), especially in the summer you might see many people hiking in the area.

Plastiras Lake

It is an artificial lake, which you can visit either as a daytrip or on the way from Athens to Meteora if you are going by car. This place is beautiful, peaceful and full of colours, a real wonder of nature. Nature lovers will never want to leave the lake. There are graphic places to relax and have a good time and do many activities close to the nature. Obviously, Plastiras Lake is the ideal getaway for families with children. A visit there is worthy all year long, perhaps spring is the peak period with all the different colours from the flowers, when nature is at it’s best, but every season has it’s charm.

Theopetra’s cave

Just 4km far from Kalampaka is located Theopetra’s prehistoric cave. Unlike Meteora most people do not know about it, thus there are just few tourists visiting the spot. There are indications of life in that cave from 130000 years ago. It wasn’t discovered until the last decade and now it is open to public for visits. If you are particularly interested in pre-history do not miss that cave, if you are just curious to see where some of the first people on earth have lived also visit Theopetra’s cave. In any case you might find this place even better for meditation as it is far from large touristic groups and some of you DNA is probably coming from there.

Pick the time right

Tourists visit Meteora from June to October

Getting there and around

There are bus connections from Athens, Thessaloniki and other big Greek cities, Volos’ international airport is also considerably close to Meteora. The best option though would be renting a car, so you can stop over in other destinations on your way to Meteora such as Plastiras Lake. Having a car during your stay in Meteora will make your experience is more enoyable. You won' be dependent on local transportation for your visits in the monasteries, Theopetra’s cave etc.

Travel Tips

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  • Visit Meteora during an Orthodox religious holiday would have particularly cultural interest, as you will see how they are celebrated in Greece. The biggest religious celebration in Greece is Easter, when a handful of traditions are linked. August 15th is also an option, but the crowds will prevent you from really enjoying the peacefulness.
  • It is a religious place and that should be respected. Follow the rules while visiting the monasteries (for girls long skirts will be offered before entering the monasteries) and do not disrespect or judge the habits, beliefs and opinions of people who live there.

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