Zakinthos or Zante is just another Greek island, not. Each island has its very own character and Zante has a unique destination. The influence of the Italian culture is obvious in the architecture and lifestyle and as every Ionian island it is full of green (unlike Cyclades Aegean islands which are mostly dry). What really makes Zakinthos one of the most popular destination is the colour of its waters, this light blue colour that makes see and sky look like one. If you are looking for romantic and relaxing holiday or adventure and extreme - Zakinthos has got it all!

Things to do and see in Zakynthos

Navagio Beach

Navagio/Shipwreck beach is the ultimate must see place of the island. It is probably the most popular image of Greek beaches in the web and postcards. The light white sand, clear light blue waters, the rocky surroundings and the shipwreck on the coast, create a unique landscape that you will not be able to stop hazing. This beach can be reached only by boat and there are many organized tours from the main cities and villages of the island. It is also very worthy to see the beach from up, so you can haze the beauty of it from great viewpoints.

Caretta-Caretta resorts

Zakinthos is one of the islands that the sea turtle Caretta-Caretta choses to leave her eggs. There are many beaches where you can see these endangered sea turtles and even see the newborns starting their journey from the nests to life. Some of the most popular are Marathonisi and Gerakas beach, if you are particularly interested in this activity you can search some local centres that offer protection to the turtles and offer some volunteer help there. Note that there are some centres that offer accommodation to their volunteers; in this way you can experience alternative, ecologically friendly and cheap holidays.

Tour of the island

There are many organized boat trips that do the tour of the island with a variety in the places to stop, schedule etc. It is a great experience, as there are many parts of the islands that cannot be reached by car/foot, just by boat and they are definitely worth visiting. Some examples are the blue caves, Navagio beach and Marathonisi.

The city of Zakinthos

It is also worth visiting the city itself, with great lifestyle and many things going on Zakinthos is a Modern Greek city with great bars and restaurants. Moreover the old city and the Bohali viewpoint are remarkable.


Laganas is the crazy party resort of the island, mostly popular among British tourists, it is the place to be if you want to party hard.

Daily trips to other Ionian islands

If you have many days to explore the island of Zakinthos and you need to see more things, there are also many organized day trips to other Ionian islands for instance Kefalonia and Ithaca, which are also very beautiful islands full of stories to tell.

Pick the time right

Tourists visit Zakinthos from May to September

Getting there and around

Zakinthos has an international airport with many flights arriving from various International and national destinations. There are also many ferries per day arriving from the port of Kylini in Peloponnese, which is very close to the island. Zakinthos can be also reached by combined ticket (bus-boat) from Athens. It is highly recommended to rent a scouter, a quad, a motorbike or a car for getting around the island. There are local buses but are not recommended.

Travel Tips

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  • Zakinthos is one of the few islands that Caretta-Caretta turtles chose to make the nests and lay their eggs. Since this Mediterranean Sea turtles are endangered, it is very important that the human and the turtles live harmonically on the island. Therefor, pay a lot of attention when visiting the beaches of Zante (usually nests are marked and tourists are instructed to avoid sitting around them). Also, do not take the “turtle spotting” tours, offered by many companies on the island as they are not friendly to the sea turtles and they intervene in the natural space of Caretta-Caretta.
  • Tap water is not potable on the island
  • Ask many agencies if you want to purchase any kind of boat tour and do not be afraid to negotiate the prices.

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