Halkidiki and Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the second biggest and according to many the most beautiful and alive city of Greece. It is located in the northern Greece and even though the lifestyle in the city is very charming what attracts most of the tourists is Chalkidiki region. It is the favourite holiday place of Balkan neighbours and Northern Greeks. Chalkidiki is a peninsula consisted by three “legs” or three smaller peninsulas, each one of which has a very unique and special character.Thessaloniki is modern city with the cosmopolitan lifestyle that will impress you. There are a variety of places to see in Chalkidiki will make you fall in love with the region.

Peloponnese is the most popular region of the Greek mainland in terms of tourism. The close distance to Athens, the beautiful resorts and the interesting sightseeing attract many visitors to Peloponnese Greece all year round. Historically, it has been the main field of action for Greece since the prehistoric times. In fact, it hosts the most important archaeological sites of Greece, including Olympia, Epidaurus and Mycenae. Surrounded by sea from all sides, the region provides amazing beaches. The most famous areas include Nafplion, Gythio, Monemvasia and Pylos. This Peloponnese travel guide will give you all the necessary information to organize your holiday. Source: www.greeka.com

Must see places in Chalkidiki


The city of Thessaloniki has plety to offer, nice bars and restaurants, museums and archaeologically important places, great nightlife, concerts and events taking place all the time. It is worth to mention that it has been selected as the European Youth capital of Europe for 2014. What a visitor should not miss is a walk around the “White tour” and the port, the view from the upper part of the city and the old town. The museums the city hosts are definitely worth visiting, depending on your own interests you can select the one that fits you best (insectopia, Byzantine museum, Macedonian struggle times, cinema museum etc.). Last but not least, the nightlife of the city is a must see, from the bars and clubs close to the port to the famous boat bars where you can have a drink and sail around the Thermaikos gulf at the same time.

Chalkidiki’s First Leg

This is the place to have fun, a road trip through this peninsula will surprise you with the option of villages to visit and spend the night, the nightlife and the amazing beaches. In this part of Greece you can also find many campsites, so if you love camping you came at the right place. One of the most famous is Poseidi student camping unfortunately entrance is provided only to students of Aristotle University and their friends. But even if you cannot enter in the camping you should definitely visit the beach in Poseidi, as it is one of the most beautiful and unique in Greece.

Chalkidiki’s Second Leg

Chalkidiki’s second leg called Sithonia, here the ambiance is more romantic and cosy. There are many famous beaches in this Sithonia and it is recommended to the visitor to do a complete tour of the peninsula. Neos Marmaras is the most cosmopolitan village, ideal for spending few nights during your excursion as it combines sea and mountain, some beaches you should not miss are: Porto Koufo, Kalamitsi and Kriaritsi, Sarti with it’s beautiful green waters and of course the famous and popular Armenistis where a lot of camping facilities are also located. What is unique is the view on the third leg of Chalkidiki, the rocky and hilly landscape in harmony with the green and turquoise waters will provide you an ambiance of exotic holidays while still being in Europe.

Chalkidiki’s Third Leg

Chalkidiki’s third leg is a unique holy place that unfortunately cannot be visited by women and even men need special agreement in order to enter. Mount Athos is the holy place of Greece full of monasteries on the cliffs of the Peninsula. Visitors can go until Ouranoupolis (city of heaven) and if they are very interested to explore take a boat tour from there taking them around the Mount Athos

Take a Day trip from Thessaloniki

Once you are in this part of Northern Greece called Macedonia, you might want to explore the ancient history about the place. A great choice would be to do some daytrips to Pella, Vergina etc to see these archeological places related to the famous figure of Alexander the Great. Moreover other places definitely worth a visit like the picturesque village of Edessa with the impressive waterfalls.

Pick the time right

Tourists visit Chalkidiki from May to October

Getting there and around

The airport of Thessaloniki is one of the largest In the country connecting with many different cities. Interestingly many low cost companies tend to choose this airport over the one in Athens. So you will not find any difficulties flying there domestically or internationally, moreover train and busses can get you to Thessaloniki from all over Greece or even from Turkey, Bulgaria and F.Y.R.O.M.

For travelling around the city of Thessaloniki, public transport should be sufficient even-though the metro isn’t completed yet (and this is another sensitive topic for the locals, the fact of not having a metro) many buses will get you in all the places you will need to visit around the city, of course walking is also possible if you are staying in the city centre. However, if you are planning to do daytrips and especially visiting Chalkidiki, then car would be a necessity, as public transport follows the mentality of “Halara”, being slow, out of schedule and insufficient.

Travel Tips

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  • Macedonia is the Northern region of Greece where all these places are located, it should not be confused with Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (name accepted by UN) which is the neighbouring country in the north. The naming of this country is under diplomatic negations between the countries and the topic is very sensitive for the locals.

  • Halara is a Greek world that I presented in the country description, particularly in this part of the country people are proud to be exceptionally relaxed and slow, so just adjust yourselves, in any case you are on holidays.

  • Do not leave Thessaloniki without having tried the famous delicacies such as mpougatsa, trigona panoramatos and tsoureki from Terkenlis.


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