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Official language: Greek
The currency: Euro(€)

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Welcome to Greece, the country that has been the center of the ancient world for many centuries, the birthplace of democracy, the Olympic games, philosophy, arts and sciences, and yet a country with magnificent landscapes, unique natural beauty and vivid lifestyle. Greece, thanks to it’s own morphology can offer any kind of holidays. With more than 1000 islands, an endless coastline, many mountains, picturesque villages and modern cities Greece is one of the top holiday destinations in Europe.

Must see places in Greece

Athens Greece


Athens is the city where one of the brightest civilizations of the word rose. The remains of the golden period of Athens are here waiting to be explored. Other than the ancient remains, Athens is a modern city with much more to show, such as museums of cotemporary art, cosmopolitan bars and clubs, vivid nightlife, luxurious hotels and restaurants as well as traditional taverns and pastry shops.

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Meteora Greece


Meteora are located in central Greece, an area, which does not attract many tourists in general. But the natural beauty of these tower rocks and the religious harmony that the monasteries built on these rocks create are so unique and definitely worth visiting. This landmark attracts not only religious tourists and pilgrims, but also all kind of people who are admirers of natural beauty and are seeking for calm and yet breathtaking places. UNESCO has characterized Meteora as a monument of humanity that has to be maintained.

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Delphi Greece

Mt Parnassus

In about 2 hours away from Athens, stands another UNESCO world heritage monument, the famous Sanctuary of Delphi. This place is located on Parnassus mountain and it is harmonically blended in with the wonderful mountainous landscape. In Ancient Greece Delphi was the ultimate religious symbol. People from all over Greece would walk until Delphi, in order to listen to the foresight from the Oracle of Apollo, which would help them decide about critical matters. The landscape around the archaeological site is superb and it is worthy to note that Delphi it is the second most visited (after acropolis) archaeological site in Greece.

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Peloponnese Greece


Peloponnese is the southern region of Greece’s mainland, in Peloponnese there are hundreds of villages, cities, museums, archaeological places, beaches, mountains which worth a visit.
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Thessaloniki  Greece


Thessaloniki is the second biggest and according to many the most beautiful and alive city of Greece. It is located in the northern Greece and even though the lifestyle in the city is very charming what attracts most of the tourists is Chalkidiki region.
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Most visited Greek Islands

Stunning white sandy beaches with crystalline water with luxurious accommodation where where you can relax in style or have fun and dance until sun comes up. This is This is what makes Greek islands a perfect holiday destination for couples and families

Zakinthos Greece


Zakinthos or Zante is just another Greek island, not. Each island has it’s very own character and Zante has a unique one. The influence of the Italian culture is obvious in the architecture and lifestyle and as every Ionian island it is full of green (unlike Cyclades Aegean islands which are mostly dry). What really makes Zakinthos one of the most popular destination is the colour of it’s waters, this light blue colour that makes see and sky look like one .

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Santorini Greece


Santorini, according to many the best island in Europe, is the island of lovers, if you are travelling with your loved one it is the destination you must not miss. This island looks like no other, there is nothing ordinary about it, and it is magically unique. The island is actually a volcano and the villages are built on the cliffs offering great panoramic view of the Aegean Sea and the volcano and the caldera. It is rumoured that the Lost Atlantis was located in Santorini.

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Rhodes Greece


Rhodes is the most popular island destination for tourists in Greece. The sun, the weather, the water, the beaches are few reasons, but Rhodes is also famous for housing one of the seven wonders of the ancient world: The Colossus of Rhodes.
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Mykonos Greece


According to Mythology this is the island where Zeus fought the Titans. Mykonos is the glamorous island of Greece and the second most popular party island of Europe after Ibiza. Some of the world’s most famous djs visit the island each year, as well as Greek and international celebrities do. Mykonos isn’t though just a party island with nothing else to show. The main village of Mykonos, Chora is a very picturesque one, where the only colours you see are the white of the building and the blue of the sea, also the sandy beaches of Mykonos are marvellous.

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Best Time to Visit Greece

Tourists travel Greece from May to October

Greece is a country which is interesting to visit all year long, as it has a wide variety of activities to offer. But there is no doubt that the best period to visit is during the Summer. From April to October the weather is usually sunny and hot. Highly recommended season to visit is May, June and September, as in these months you can enjoy the great weather and the country’s beauty and at the same time avoid the very pick season (July-August), when there are way too many tourists and the prices tend to get higher and so does the heat.

Did you know?

"Hi" in Greek is “Γειά σου”=”yassou” (to one person or a friend)
Greece has 16000 km of coastline, making it the 10th longest in the world
Greece has the more archaeological museums than any other country in the world
Athens has been inhabited for over 7,000 years

Travel Tips

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Thinking for a date to visit Greece when you can also experience some unique event or festival?

- An excellent option would be June, when the festival of Athens and Epidaurus takes place. There you will have the opportunity to attend a performance of an ancient Greek drama or comedy in the place they were first performed, in an ancient Greek theatre.

- August is also the host month for a lot of local festivals in various cities and villages all over Greece, these folk festivals are the ideal opportunity to taste local Greek food and drinks and learn Greek folk dances or just watch locals dancing them.

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Greek cuisine is one of world’s favourites and there is a reason for it. Generally, Greek food is representative of the Mediterranean diet, which is suggested by doctors all over the globe as a well-balanced diet offering good nutrition and health. Main ingredients of Greek plates are Vegetables, herbs, meats (lamb, pork and poultry) usually cooked with olive oil. The plates you should definitely not miss are:

1. Greek salad the recipe is pretty simple but the tasty local vegetables make this salad amazing.
Another amazing salad suggested is Dakos.

2. Mousakas is a plate with layers of sliced vegetables (eggplant, zucchini and potatoes) cheese and a meat sauce, topped with a thick béchamel sauce.

3. Mezes, following the Greek spirit of sharing food instead of having different plates per person mezes is a combination of different plates and delicacies, the exact ingredients vary from tavern to tavern, it is best accompanied by Ouzo or Tsipouro (anise flavoured liquors).

4. Souvlaki, is the Greek version of kebab, a pitta with meat, tomatoes, onions, potatoes and tzatziki sauce (a sauce containing Greek yogurt, garlic and cucumber). It is the Greek “fast food”, very tasty, cheap and quickly done to take away or enjoy on the spot.

5. Fish, do not leave Greece without having tried some local grilled fishes, the prices may be high especially in touristic areas but such local fresh fishes definitely deserve it. Do not hesitate to ask locals for suggestions when choosing a fish tavern.

Of course these are just some examples, there are many more plates to taste in Greece.


"][sp_accordion_item title="Explore hidden treasures" icon="" content="

Get off the beaten track, there is plenty of Greece for all the tourists. Do not be afraid to explore a less known destination, try this narrow path which might lead you in a hidden gem beach, caves or viewpoint.

"][sp_accordion_item title="Travel by train! " icon="" content="Travelling by train is an easy way to explore the country and also can save you some cash! Check out some great rates and passed to the popular destinations in Greece here. "][sp_accordion_item title="Don't be afraid to negotiate" icon="" content="The price of a tour, an antique, a souvenir or even a hotel room can get lower after some negotiations. You do not need to have great negotiating skills, sometimes just a question as simple as, “Can you offer a better price?” will do."][sp_accordion_item title="Driving habits" icon="" content="Driving in Greece and especially in Athens can be challenging. Sometimes the priority goes to the one who goes for it, (and it is rarely the pedestrians), the horn is often used, sometimes accompanied by gestures. Do not be afraid, just try to blend in, but not too much. If you are on foot always check twice before crossing the street, even if the traffic light is green."][sp_accordion_item title="Halara" icon="" content="Yes, there will be delays. Yes, if you have a meeting with a Greek he might arrive half hour later and yes there might be strikes. That is Greece, so do not be over-stressed for your schedule and the accuracy to the minute, and be ready for unexpected changes. As the Greek word “halara” implies Relax and everything will happen."][/sp_accordion]

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