Good Tips To Know Before You Travel

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We love telling you all about how wonderful foreign countries can be, and whenever possible, we try to keep you in the loop on traditions, laws and common courtesy for your travels abroad.

The thing is, we can’t tell you every single thing there is to know. A lot of common practices in your home country might be frowned upon on foreign soil, or worse, illegal. For instance, there are certain countries where chewing gum is totally against the law. Some other countries don’t tolerate women talking to holy-men. Trespassing in these cases could land you some hefty fines and even jail time, which is something you never want to happen while you’re on holiday.

Ensuring that you’ve read up and got accustomed to the local laws and customs is utterly important. Not only will this help you stay safe and out of trouble, but it’ll also help you integrate better with the locals and blend in, rather than causing havoc and being sent back home prematurely.

Make sure that you’ve read the content of a specific country’s immigration website and that you’ve brushed up on the local traditions, do’s and don’ts of the country that you intend to visit well in advance of your vacation.

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