Getting To Your Hotel in Your Holiday Destination

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Getting To Your Hotel in Your Holiday Destination by Bigstock

So you’ve booked your flights, and you’ve taken care of the booking for the hotel, heck you even have all the sightseeing activities sorted down to the last fine detail. But…have you booked transportation to get you from the airport to your hotel yet?

The thing is, a lot of travellers tend to forget about this little thing, which actually isn’t so minute at all. The good news is that a lot of hotels offer a free (or discounted at least) shuttle service that’ll get you from the airport to the hotel.

Here are a few practical tips to keep in mind for getting from the airport to your hotel:

  • Stay with your luggage
  • Make use of the hotel shuttle, it might be a little more expensive, but it’s a lot more reliable than catching a cab
  • Make sure that you’ve booked your transport well in advance
  • Ensure that you’ve booked a shuttle big enough to get your whole party to the hotel, and don’t forget the luggage space required
  • Ensure that you have your hotel’s address written down in English and the local language to ensure your driver knows where he’s heading and you’re all on the same page
  • We’ve given you some amazing tips, which should ensure that you have no last minute transport troubles. Remember to stay smart, stay safe and most of all have fun!
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