As the capital of the Baden-Württemberg state, Stuttgart is a picturesque city fringed with orchards and forest-covered hills. The River Neckar at the bottom of the valley runs past the older part of the city with its historic buildings. The houses and building rise up the hills with steps and stepped lanes that smooths out the steepest of hills, which mean adventure is to be found around every corner of the city. Stuttgart is a gem just waiting to be explored!



Top Attractions in Stuttgart

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Stuttgart’s State Galley is where you’ll see some the Germany’s finest art collections, which is why it’s a top rated museum. There are 3 buildings that make up the museum; the Alte Staatsgalerie (old gallery), the Neue Staatsgalerie (new gallery) and the building that houses the Department of Prints, Drawings and Photographs. An architectural tour of the area comes highly recommended!


To get your retail therapy hours in, we recommend some shopping in Schlossplatz, a massive shopping area finished off by beautiful gardens and the Jubilee Colum. The lovely fountain is but one of the great sights you can feast your eyes on. Make sure you see the Königsbau with its colonnade and shopping arcade, and the Kleiner Schlossplatz with its boutiques and restaurants. The massive Neues Schloss (New Palace) is definitely a sight you can’t miss. It was completed in 1807 and is a government building today, so you’ll need to arrange a special tour inside, but we reckon the exterior should be enough to leave you in awe. Nearby you’ll also find the Altes Schloss (Old Castle) that houses the Württemberg Landesmuseum with its medieval art, musical instruments, timepieces and the Württemberg crown jewels.

Wilhelma Zoological and Botanical Garden

Stuttgart’s Wilhelma Zoological and Botanic Garden is an unmissable attraction, it’s definitely one of a kind! The complex is laid out with various hothouses, animal houses and an impressive aquarium, and it’s so good that it attracts over 2 million visitors annually.

Schloss Solitude

The Solitude Palace lies just a few kilometers outside of Stuttgart, but it definitely is worth the drive out. The palace was built in 1763 and the neoclassical style leaves a tangible sense of splendor lingering in the air. Make sure you see the pavilion with its decorative rooms, the White Hall and the Solitude Allee that winds down 13km and connects to the Ludwigsburg Residential Palace. Note that you can only tour the palace as a part of a guided tour, so book this in advance!

Killesberg Park

The 123 acre open space of Killesberg Park is a haven for soaking the natural beauty of the area. Some of the top attractions here include the Killesberg Railway, a narrow-gauge railway that makes round trips through the park in summer, but there’s also the Killesberg Tower, a 40 meter tall observation tower that provides you with stunning panoramic views of the surrounds.

Old Town

Schillerplatz is an old town square, famed for its monument to Friedrich Schiller, and it can be found flanking the Old Palace. The square hosts a weekly street marker and nearby you’ll find the Marktplatz with its Rathaus (Town Hall) and the whopping 61 meter high tower. The Old Town is also where you can see the Prinzenbau, an old palace, but make sure you don’t miss the granary that dates back to 1390 and the choir of the Stiftskirche.

Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History

Located in the left bank of the Neckar in the Berg district, you’ll find Schloss Rosenstein that co-houses the Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History with the nearby Museum am Löwentor. Both of these museums are dedicated to natural sciences, but you might also want to check out Linden Museum with its art and cultural displays from across the world.

Stuttgart’s Outer Districts

While the Mercedes-Bens Museum is one great reason to venture into the outskirts of Stuttgart, there are plenty of other great sights to see and things to do. There’s the Württemberg for the brave at heart, the Birkenkopf ruined buildings hill, the Fernsehturm Stuttgarrt tower and off course the Bad Cannstatt sporting some of the most luxurious baths, saunas and steam rooms. You might also want to consider Das Leuze if you’re really looking to cram in as many spa session s as possible.

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