Located on the River Isar, Munich is Germany’s 3rd largest city and the capital of Bavaria, fringing the Bavarian Alps. The historic inner city of Munich you might have seen on a postcard before, with its iconic Marienplatz, but Munich is also known for its beautiful churches, breathtaking parks and intriguing parks.

Top Attractions in Munich

Residenz Munich Germany


Munich’s Residenz is arguably one of Europe’s most beautiful palaces and consists of three main sections: the Königsbau, the Alte Residenz, and the Festsaalbau. Off course the Hofgarten, Antiquarium and Residenz Museum are the top sights to see, but the palace grounds are equally as impressive boasting numerous courtyards like the Court Garden for example.

Nymphenburg Palace Munich Germany

Nymphenburg Palace

Covering over 600 meters from wing to wing, the 17th century white and gray Baroque Nymphenburg Palace is an unmissable sight in Munich. Surrounded by the Numphenburg Canal on each side, the palace has some beautiful sights on offer like the Central Pavilion that dates back to 1674. Also of note is the Marstalluseum, the Amalienburg (a hunting lodge with the famous Hall of Mirrors), and the magnificent Nymphenberg Park, a 17th century walled garden featuring statues of Greek gods, a number of hothouses and the captivating maze with its Heckentheater.

Königsplatz Munich Germany


Königsplatz is one of Munich’s most popular squares and dates back to 1862. This is where you’ll find loads of great things to see like the Kunstareal district with its great museums. Some of the highlights here include the Old Picture Gallery, the New Picture Galley and the State Gallery of Modern Art. Some of the most beautiful churches can also be found here and include Baroque Theatine Church of St. Cajetan and the Ludwigskirche with its high twin towers.

The Olympic Park

Olympic Park was home to the 1972 Summer Olympics and covers an area of roughly 2.7 million squares on the old Royal Bavarian Army training ground, the Oberwiesenfeld. If it’s a recreational event, it’s probably happening at the Olympic Center. The center is not only home to modern day festivals and events, but also boasts some great family activities like a stadium roof climb, zip lining and amazing tours. You’ll definitely want to see the Olympic Tower of 290 meters high. One of the 2 pods of the tower, the Aussichtkorb has a state-of-the-art revolving restaurant with viewing platforms that offer some of the most picturesque views over the city.

Hellabrunn Zoo

Back in 2013, the Hellabrunn Zoo was rated Europe’s 4th best zoo, which is a great excuse for you to explore it! The zoo is spread out over 89 acres of land and is one of Bavaria’s top attractions. Dating back to 1911, this was the world’s first zoo that grouped animals together according to their natural demographics. The zoo is now home to some 19,000 animals, comprising of 757 species housed in open enclosures that replicate their natural environments, and animals that would normally share an environment being kept together wherever possible. The Elephant House, Polarium and Ape Houses are unmissable.


Marienplatz, Munich’s central square, dates back to 1807, and has been the center of the city since its very beginnings, which is why you’ll find most of the historic sites of Munich here. There’s the massive New Town Hall, the majestic Old Town Hall, the Virgin’s Column and the Fish Fountain to name just a few of the unmissable spots you have to see. With Marienplatz’s numerous cafés, restaurants, boutiques and department stores, you can rest assured that you’ll have a great day out in the city, whether it’s by the paid for or free entertainment like the buskers and mime artists that roam the streets.

The English Garden

As the largest city park in Germany, the English Garden of Munich covers an area of 910 acres, basting more than 100 bridges and beautiful scenery, which is why it’s also one of Germany’s prettiest parks. You really experience a mature natural landscape here with the quaint streams and artificial lake that complete the picture. The park is home to 36-kilometers of pathways and 13-kilometers of bridle paths, which is why it’s a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. The park is home to a collection of great attractions like the Bavarian National Museum and the Bavarian State Archeological Collection.

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