Cologne is an old cathedral city located on the river Rhine, and it’s one of western Germany’s most important commercial and cultural centers since its home to the 12 Great Romanesque Churches. The splendid Cologne Cathedral and its counterpart churches seamlessly blend in with modern arts and entertainment facilities, well over 100 galleries and over 36 museums.


Top Attractions in Cologne

Old Town Cologne

The Old Town of Cologne is where you’ll be seeing most of the area’s historic churches like the Great St. Martin and museums, but there’s more than just tangible history to be experienced here. You can bask in the glory of the quaint boutique shops, galleries, cafés and restaurants or get some headspace while strolling down the paths along the Rhine. Soak up the beauty of the abundant monuments and fountains that complete the area’s picture and don’t pass by the Archeological Zone with its ancient ruins and artifacts.

The Cologne Cable Car

The Cologne Cable Car was put into working back in 1957, and it was the first European cable car that crosses a river. The panoramic views you’ll get from up in the air are incomparable, even more true when you get a glimpse of the Old Town and the Cologne Cathedral!


Located in the beautiful town of Brühl, just outside of Cologne, you’ll find Schloss Augustusburg, the Archbishop of Cologne’s 18th century palace. The Late Baroque and Rococo décor is quite captivating and boasts some of the most beautiful sights like the brilliant staircase hall. Augustusburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is why it’s also home to the 1740 Falkenlust Palace, but the town itself - Brühl - has a number of historic sites well worth seeing. Make sure you pay a visit to Phantasialand if you’re traveling with kids, it’s one of Europe’s largest theme parks that offers everything from Viking boat trips to a reproduction of Berlin, which means it’ll be well worth your time.

Cologne Zoological Gardens

The Cologne Zoological Garden is one of Germany’s oldest zoos and dates back to 1860. The 19th century menagerie buildings like the Moorish-style Elephant House and the Russian-church looking old birdhouse are impressive to see, but there’s more to the zoo than its architecture. Ape Island with its artificial rainforest, the aquarium and the Big Cat Enclosure all all well worth seeing.

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