Strasbourg is so rich in history, that the whole of the city centre is listed ! An amazing mix of French and German cultures, the warmth of the Alsacian people will make you not want to leave. The « Grande Ile » was listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988 due to the amount of historically important buildings in a small area. A cosmopolitan and rich historic town, Strasbourg is ideal for food and culture loving visitors, and is a lovely place for children.

Top Attractions in Strasbourg

The cathedral of Notre-Dame

The cathedral of Notre-Dame – Started in the 11th century, and not finished until 1439, the Strasbourg cathedral is an architectural masterpiece. The crypt is one of the very few parts remaining of the romanesque cathedral, the rest is very much in Gothic style. Try to see the cathedral at night as well, as the light shows on the outside really show off the amazing sculptures. At 12,30 pm every day, the astronomical clock is animated by the apostles and a representation of the stages of life.


The "Secrets of Chocolate" Museum – France loves chocolate almost as much as it loves cheese, and Alsace loves chocolate more than anywhere else in France. Learn all about the chocolate making process at this wonderful museum, that offers chocolate creation workshops and tastings for all ages.

University Botanical Gardens

University Botanical Gardens – Walk off all that chocolate on a visit to this amazing 3 hectare gardens, featuring over 6000 plants and trees. A guided tour takes place every Sunday afternoon.

The Vaisseau

The Vaisseau – A superb science discovery centre that lets your children from 3 to 15, get hands on, and learn science from 6 differently themed exhibitions. The motto here is « it is forbidden to NOT touch »

The Petite France quarter

The Petite France quarter – An incredibly beautiful area of Strasbourg. The streets are on the same level as the canals, and the 16th century half timbered houses overhang the water. This was once the workers area of Strasbourg, with millers, tanners and fisherman living here.

The Kammerzell house

The Kammerzell house – A real not to miss site in Strasbourg, the Kammerzell house was built in 1427, with the Half timbered frames from 1589. The house is now a restaurant, but offers guided tours as well.

The Two Shores Garden

The Two Shores Garden – This garden is in two countrys, Germany, and France, with a bridge over the Rhine joining the two.

The Covered Bridges

The Covered Bridges – Near to Petite France are the « Covered Bridges », they haven't actually been covered since the 18th century, but have kept the name. The four towers behind them are the remains of the 14th century ramparts that guarded Strasbourg when it was an independant republic.

The Vauban Dam

The Vauban Dam - Built by Tarade from Vauban's plans, in about 1690. The viewpoint at the top of the Dam is a perfect spot to see the town layout, with its canal system.

The Christkindelsmärik

The Christkindelsmärik – The « Market of the Child Jesus » at Strasbourg is the oldest in France, having existed since 1570 under that name, and before that under the name of the St Nicholas Market. From November onwards, the streets and squares of Strasbourg are filled with the smells and sights of Christmas making this an unforgettable, magical visit for all the family.

Getting to and around Strasbourg

Strasbourg has its own international airport (code SXB). To get to Strasbourg town centre there is a shuttle train which leaves up to four times an hour. Strasbourg is easy to visit on foot or using public transport.

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