Normandy is a region of contrasts, the tourist attractions here are for all tastes, from impressionist art, through world war memorabilia, to ancient monuments. The region lends itself well to family holidays, the children will have plenty of interesting activities, and parents will not be disappointed either. The nearest real international airport is the Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG) at Paris. The local airports have a very restricted choice of flights. The best transport for this holiday destination would be a flight to Paris and then car hire. Because this is a region, therefore quite large, we recommend that you hire a car in order to be able to visit all over.

Top Attractions in Normandy

The Mont St Michel

A magical island that is so close to the mainland that you can walk to it at low tide. A place of pilgrimage since the monastry was first founded in 809 AD, the Mont St Michel is living history, where you can see at first hand the layout of the ancient feudal times.


Home of the impressionist painter Monet, he lived here from 1883 until his death in 1926. The village is a required visit for any lover of impressionism. You can visit the museum of impressionism, with the second largest collection of impressionist paintings in France and also the house and gardens of Monet.


Visit Etretat, scenic highlight of cliffs and beaches on the Normandy coast


Home of the world famous Bayeux Tapestry depicting the Battle of Hastings in 1066. You can also visit the Memorial Museum of the Battle of Normandy, the only museum dedicated solely to the Battle of Normandy, and poignantly is located here as Bayeux was the first mainland town to be liberated.

The Haras national du Pin

The French national horse stud. Visit this magnificant château that nowadays is the home of the national stud of France, a guided or unguided visit lets you discover the breeds and the methods used to produce some of Frances finest horses.

Gothic cathedral at Rouen


Visit the old port in Honfleur


The D Day landing beaches

Utah, Omaha, Sword, Juno, Gold, Overlord... codenames during one of the courageous and important turning points in history. Visit any of the hundreds of museums, monuments and cemeterys of the area and you cannot fail to be moved ; the American cemetery, over 9000 graves. The Overlord museum with over 10000 items relating to the D day landings.

Fossil hunting at Villers sur Mer

Perfect for all the family, this seaside resort is famous for the discovery of a 10 metre long dinosaur fossil. The typical seaside attractions of a fine sandy beach, and seafood restaurants, mixed with the possibility of fossil hunting activities make Villers sur Mer a wonderful place for a family visit

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