Lyon is the gastronomical centre of France, as well as being the home of the Lumière brothers - the inventors of cinematography. Lyon is a cosmopolitan city which would be ideal for a food lovers holiday. The local airport is the Saint-Exupéry International Airport (Code LYS) There is a tram to the city centre.The town is very easy to cover either by public transport of on foot. There is also a service to hire bicycles - the Vélo'v.

Top Attractions in Lyon

The painted walls of Lyon

For over 20 years talented artists have created huge « trompes d'oeils » on the sides of buildings. The biggest one, which is also the biggest in Europe measures a giant 1200 square metres. There is an iPhone application available with a guided tour of the best ones.

Le parc de la Tête d'Or (the golden head park)

Huge park in the English style which incorporates the zoo and the botanical gardens within its 105 hectares. The best entry point is the porte des Enfants du Rhône (gate of the children of the Rhone), which leads directly to a stunning view over the 16 hectare lake.

Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon)

Self guided tours are available leading you through the best sites in the old quarters of Lyon. Starting at the 12th century St jean cathedral, you follow old roads lined with buildings dating from the middle ages. At one point you arrive at the hotel of Gadagne which is also the museum of the history of Lyon, and well worth a visit.

Gallo Roman remains

Lyon has a history going back to 43 BC and the founding of the Roman town named Lugdunum. Fortunately a lot of the edifices from this time have been saved, including a Roman spa from the 1st century, and a theatre from 15BC

Lyon by night

Lyon is a reference worlwide for night time urban illumination, and well over 250 buildings are lit up each night. If you are lucky enough to visit in early december don't miss the Festival of Lights. Four days of light and image magic.

The Lumière Institute

Dedicated to cinematography, the lumière institute is housed in the very buildings where the Lumière brothers made the first ever film in 1895.

Lyon Museum of Fine Arts

One of the biggest museums in France, its collections include, archaeology, sculpture and paintings. Artists featured include Picasso, Rodin, Monet, and Rubens.

The Traboules

Specific to Lyon, the traboules are narrow pedestrian passages, which in the olden days were used as shortcuts by the merchants carrying silk and other textiles from road to road. They number over 200 and as they lead between buildings you have the opportunity to see the hidden architecture, metalwork, open courtyards and balconies. There is an iPhone application available showing all the open Traboules

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