Corsica is French with a touch of independance. It is a magnificent island, that retains its heritage close to its heart, and has a huge italian influence, being just 80km from Italy. Ideal for nature lovers who like to explore, eat good food, and relax, also wonderful for families.

Top Attractions in Corsica

The Struccia waterfall

The Struccia waterfall - at Carchetu-Brusticu – The « de la Struccia » is found just outside the village of Carchetu. Signposted from the church of Sainte-Marguerite, a pathway takes you to the 15metre high cascades of this amazing waterfall.

The Biguglia Pond

The Biguglia Pond – Not really a pond as we know it, its actually a huge nature reserve of over 1450 hectares. An amazing site for nature lovers, particularly strong in bird numbers, with over 100 species, including flamingos and kingfishers. At the northern end of the pond is the Fortin of Biguglia, and with it an Eco Museum detailing the amazing range of fish and other fauna to be found here.

Lavezzi islands

Lavezzi islands – These uninhabited islands are a short boat trip out from Bonifacio. Once you have arrived on the Isle of Lavezzi, you will be moved by the Achiarino cemetery of the Semillante shipwreck in 1855 where over 700 crew and soldiers on their way to the Crimean war drowned. The Bonifacian authorities have created a nature reserve here, and offer children over 8 years, free diving experiences to see the underwater beauty.


A Cupulatta, R.N 198, Lieu dit Ruisseau Vignola, 20172 Vero – An amazing centre, unique in Europe, dedicated to breeding, and studying, land tortoises and marine turtles and terrapins. 2 hectares with 130 species and over 2000 individuals, a not to be missed visit.

The Governor’s Palace, Bastia

The Governor’s Palace, Bastia – Originally a Genoese tower built by in 1380, it was expanded into a palace in the 16th century. It is the only example of a Palatial Genoese Tower. The views over Bastia and the ports are stunning

Palais Fesch

Palais Fesch – Ajaccio's museum of fine arts has one of France's largest collections of Italian paintings, including Botticelli's Mother and Child supported by an angel.


Bonifacio – The Genoese citadel known as « Haute Vill e » is arguably the best place to go to get a feel of Bonifacio. From its original 16th century gateway complete with drawbridge to the impressive « Escalier du Roi d'Aragon » 187 steps carved into the cliffface in the 15th century, Bonifacio will delight you around every corner.

Getting to and around Corsica

Corsica has 4 airports, Ajaccio (AJA), Basta (BIA), Calvi (CLY) and Figari (FSC), all of which have flights to several European airports. The easiest way to get to Corsica from further afield, however, is to catch a flight to Paris and then transfer. We advise you to hire a car, as the islands are quite large, and you will not be able to wholly profit from your trip without your own transport.

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