Bordeaux is a cosmopolitan city, and world famous for it's wines. It is the ideal stopping point for food and wine lovers. Bordeaux has its own international airport (BOD), which has several flights to european airports and a limited amount of flights from further afield. If you just want to explore the town itself, it is possible to do so using public transport or on foot, however I advise you to hire a car, as this opens up loads more opportunities for visits.

Top Attractions in Bordeaux

Cap Sciences

Excellent, fun, science and industry museum on the quay in Bordeaux. A totally awesome, hands- on museum, that is just as interesting for adults as it is for children.

Château Margaux

Bordeaux is a world famous wine prodcuing region, and no visit would be complete without a tour of the vineyards and caves round about. One of the most famous is Château Margaux, who produces some of finest, most exclusive, and pricey red wines in the world.


Worth a visit for it's immense choice of wines, but mainly for its amazing circular staircase, which is on all four floors, and packed with bottles of wine.

Musée Du Vin Et Du Négoce

Musée Du Vin Et Du Négoce (The wine and wine merchants museum) - Interesting museum telling Bordeaux's long history of wine making and selling. The museum is in the heart of the historic quarter of Chartrons, in an 18th century building with amazing vaulted wine caves.

Miroir d'eau (Reflecting pool)

3500 m2 of fun on hot days ! An ever changing water show that delights all ages, perfect in the summer heat.

Palais de la Bourse

One of Bordeaux's most beautiful buildings and historically the city's stock exchange.

Croiseur Colbert

An old battleship, taken out of service in the 1990's and transformed into a great museum. Adults and children are entranced by the visit to the engine rooms, the hospital and the rest of this ship.

Dune de Pyla

About 60km from Bordeaux is the highest sand dune in Europe, the Dune de Pyla, at 107 metres. It's worth a trip to the top, although its a hard climb, so you can see the Bay of Arcachon, and maybe catch a glimpse of the Pyrenees.

The Tour Pey Berland

Built in the 15th century, the tower is actually the bell tower for the 11th century Cathedral St André, but was kept separate to guard the cathedral from the bells vibrations. You can climb to the top, and see a remarkable view of the Town, and also the statue of Notre Dame d4aquitaine who is perched on top. The cathedral itself has some amazing sculptures from the middle ages.

Palais Gallien

Although there's not a great deal left of it, this was once Bordeaux's amphitheatre in the 2nd century, a time when Bordeaux was an important part of the Roman empire, and known as Burdigala.

Zoo de Bordeaux Pessac

A great attraction for families, 5 hectares of exotic animals, and a special dinosaur section, with the opportunity to do a fossil dig.

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