Aarhus is Denmark’s second largest city and draws a lot of tourists yearly, which definitely means that you’d be crazy not to see what the buzz is all about. Best known for its arts and culture, it’s not just about museums and galleries in Aarhus, but it’s also about the great amusement parks (just imagine Lego Land and Tivoli Friheden) and the electric nightlife on offer here.

Top Attractions in Aarhus


Randers is a small Danish town located in the harbor of the Kolding fjord. If you’re keen on some good old quality hiking, bird watching and cycling opportunities, this is the perfect place to get it done. It’s also where you’ll find one of Denmark’s most impressive castles. Featuring dozens of unaltered rooms that date back to 1690, Clausholm Castle is Denmarks’ oldest Baroque estate and has a majestic aura, which means it’s definitely not a destination you can afford to just pass by.

Aarhus Art Museum

With a massive collection of paintings, sculptures and drawings that date back as far as 1750, the Aarhus Art Museum is where you’ll ding some of the oldest Danish artworks around.

Bülow Duus Glassblowers

The Bülow Duus Glassblowers is a great destination if you want to see the process of glassblowing and perhaps purchase a souvenir or two. The massive kilns that are used to blow glass on are impressive to see and the friendly craftsmen almost make up for missing tour guides in the unofficial sightseeing destination.


Also known as The Deer Park, Dyrahaven is a nature lover’s paradise. The fallow and sika deer along with the wild pigs make for a great natural sightseeing excursion. It’s the perfect spot to just escape the town buzz and work in an afternoon relishing in the natural beauty of the plants and animal life that thrive here.

Helsingor Teater

This is Denmark’s oldest theatre and is where you can see some great performances happening during the summer months.

Lego Land

If you’re reading this it means that you either grew up with, or are now raising kids who play with Lego. Since the kids inside never really grow up, a trip to a massive town built entirely out of Legos leaves you with just one question: why the heck not? It’s fun and it’s the one place you’ll rediscover the fact that you’re never too old for a little block play day!

Tivoli Friheden

While it was designed to mimic the amusement park in Copenhagen, Tivoli, the Friheden Park in Aarhus has a whole different feel to it with its natural forest surrounds. The park has a lot of shows and concerts taking place throughout the year and boasts a wide variety of rides, restaurants and theatres among the other sights and attractions.

Den Gamle By

Referring to the “old town”, Den Gamle By is a collection of 75 old buildings that date back from the 16th century that come together to serve as an open-air museum. The shops, restaurants and overall feel of the town instantly takes you back to a time where life was enjoyed at a slower pace!

Aarhus Cathedral

The longest and the tallest of Denmark’s cathedrals, the Aarhus Cathedral dates back to the 12th century, is a destination that would be foolish to overlook while you’re in the vicinity.

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