Toronto is an exciting, modern and busy city. It is the largest city in Canada, which is why it is often incorrectly assumed to be the capital. While Toronto is the capital of Ontario, it is not the federal capital (that’s Ottawa, another amazing city). From sports to nightlife to theatre, there is more than enough to fill any itinerary in this city.

Anyone who wants to experience big-city attractions and excitement, live theatre or cultural attractions such as museums will love Toronto.

Top Attractions in Toronto

CN Tower and EdgeWalk

Love adrenaline? Climb Toronto’s tallest attraction. Would you dare to take a walk outside – around the circumference of the roof! Take your limits and embrace adventure! This is the experience you can't miss!

Toronto’s most iconic attraction is the CN Tower, the tallest free-standing structure in the western hemisphere and it now includes EdgeWalk, a thrilling hands-free walk on an outside ledge of the tower. - See more at:

Toronto Islands and Centreville

Toronto Islands and Centreville is perfect for the family fun and adventure. With more than 30 rides and attractions (plus 14 mouth-watering food outlets!) Centre Island’s iconic Centreville Theme Park is the ultimate summer destination if you are travelling with young children! Take a scenic ride to the Park and enjoy amazing views of the Toronto skyline!


Lacrosse, a little-known Canadian sport of Indigenous origin, is our official summer sport. It is a fast-paced and exciting game. The national team plays during the season in Toronto, so if you want to watch a different kind of sport, this is an excellent opportunity. The name of our Lacrosse team is the Toronto Rocks.

Casa Loma

If you are planning to visit Toronto, you can't miss Casa Loma! Casa Loma is a Gothic Revival style house and gardens in midtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that is now a museum and landmark. Come and experience the elegance and splendor of the Edwardian era! Enjoy one of Toronto's greatest historical monuments.

Major League Sports

Toronto has professional teams in four major leagues: Hockey (Maple Leafs), Baseball (Blue Jays), American Football (Argos) and Basketball (Raptors). Games occur throughout the year in various sports, so it should be easy to acquire tickets. Be sure to buy tickets from a reputable and licenced vendor, as scalpers (unlicensed sellers) will highly overcharge for their tickets (and, depending on the price, may be illegal). Plus, buying re-sold tickets runs the risk of the ticket being forged. Overall, it’s always best to buy from the proper source.


Lacrosse, a little-known Canadian sport of Indigenous origin, is our official summer sport. It is a fast-paced and exciting game. The national team plays during the season in Toronto, so if you want to watch a different kind of sport, this is an excellent opportunity. The name of our Lacrosse team is the Toronto Rocks.

High End and Vintage Shopping

If high-end couture is your style, a trip to the trendy Bloor-Yorkville district is a must. This is one of the most expensive and prestigious neighbourhoods in Canada. Most notably, the “Mink Mile” features world-class boutiques such as Prada, Channel and Tiffany & Co.

For Vintage shoppers, Kensington Market and Parkdale are your go-to destination. Here you’ll find everything from the editors of Courage My Love to shops such as Stella Lung and Black Market. Another place that is worth checking out is Queen Street West.

Nightlife and entertainment

After a day on the town, you’ll want to unwind and take in the lively nightlife of Toronto. The city features a full range of entertainment suited to adults. Some of the newest attractions include pool bars such as Cabana and Muzik. These venues feature large, indoor heated pools where you can literally swim up to the bar and order your drink. These are only a few of the options available and are meant to represent the types of nightlife available in Toronto. Additionally, comedy clubs and various other amenities are all present within the city. Check out or the Toronto Tourism websites to see the full list of venues available.


Golfers will be delighted with the range of golf courses available within a short distance of the City. Some courses are public, while others require a membership. The level of difficulty, number of holes and other amenities vary between each range. Glen Eagle is a public course and it is the course that is part of the Canadian professional golf circuit. If you are up for a challenge, this one is worth visiting. For prices and all other information, check out the websites of the course or the Ontario Golfing association. Of course, if a game is scheduled during your visit, watching a tournament is also a possibility.

Horse Racing

Horseracing can be taken in from the Woodbine Entertainment Centre. This is a large and word-class facility, which offers a variety of betting opportunities as well as excellent dining and casino-style games. There are races four days a week, check the schedule as the race days change each week.

Shopping Mall (mass merchandisers)

There are two main commercial malls in Toronto: The Eaton Centre, named after the now-closed Canadian retailer, and the Yorkdale mall. Both of these offer hundreds of contemporary stores with such world-class brands as Holt-Renfrew, boutique names such as Top Shop and major retails such as Zara and H & M.

Sport-Related Attractions

Related to sports are various facilities such as the Hockey Hall of Fame, renowned sports bars such as Real Sports and Gretskies. These places offer beer on tap, a vibrant atmosphere to take in the game of the day on HDTV and a chance to view sports memorabilia belonging to a variety of “greats”. Most of these attractions are located close to either the Roger’s Centre (baseball field) or the Air Canada Centre (hockey arena).


The Royal Ontario Museum and Art Gallery of Ontario are two of the largest and best known cultural attractions. It has permanent exhibits and visiting, temporary displays. The Art Gallery of Ontario is also within Toronto and like the ROM, as temporary and permanent displays. Additional museums include the Bata Shoe Museum and the Gardner Museum of Ceramics.

Live Theatre

If live theatre is your passion, then taking in a play in the world-class theatre district is a must. There are always a variety of productions, from musical to modern, showing in any of the historic buildings. Check online to see what is showing. Finally, because Toronto is a large city, concerts and touring productions are always in town. From modern bands to travelling shows, these will not fail to entertain.

Pick the time right

Torusts visit Toronto from May to September

Summer is high tourist season so this is when the city’s accommodations and prices are most expensive. Instead, go during the mid to late spring or early fall. Temperatures are moderate at these times, and because it’s not the main season for tourism, the prices are much more reasonable. Winter weather can be unpredictable, so visiting during this season is only recommended if you are participating in a winter-specific attraction or activity.

Getting to and around

The main airport serving Toronto is the Toronto Pearson Airport, in Mississauga (part of The Greater Toronto Area). The Toronto Island Airport also serves the city as a gateway from smaller national destinations. Additionally, the Greyhound bus terminal and Union (Railway) Station are other key transportation hubs.

Toronto has an excellent public transportation system, and this is the best way to get around the city. Metro (subway), street cars and buses are efficient both in terms of cost and time. Taxis are available, but are very expensive.

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