Bridging the Language Barrier Gap when Abroad

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Bridging the Language Barrier Gap when Abroad Bigstock

Most of us wish we had knowledge of a few languages up the sleeve so we could use them abroad.  For those of us that don’t, technology opens up doors that would never have been open to us in the past.

Today you’ll find an abundance of apps and devices that will be able to help you communicate with locals without knowing a word in their language. Google translate and other apps will help you communicate with locals and some modern devices can even pick up the speech and instantly translate it into your language! This will make travelling and communication much easier.

Also try and learn a few words in a local language – even if you don’t get the words right it will at least put a smile on locals’ faces and will be a good icebreaker. Having the basics like “Hello”, “Thank you” and “Do you speak English?” down is a good starting point.

Another thing you might want to consider is a travel dictionary. While most countries have touristic areas that are mainly English, the real beauty of far off countries often lie off the beaten track, which means you’ll need something to help you cross the language barrier, at the very least a tour guide that speaks the local language.

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