Experience the Inside of a Volcano in Iceland

You’re picked up from your hotel and guided the whole tour. To start there’s a moderate walk across a dormant lava field to get to Thrihnukagigur. The walk there and back is 6 km. All up the tour is 5-6 hours(including the bus travel time to and from Reykjavik.)

Upon reaching the base of Thrihnukagigur you’re harnessed up. A quick walk up the volcano face to the mouth. You’re taken down 120 meters in a window washer elevator you would see on a skyscraper.  It’s a slow descent, the lighting reveals an incredible 360 degree view of vivid colours. The walls are made of basalt and there’s a mixture yellow, red and other unique metallic black colours. It’s an incredible experience and well worth the hike, there’s an option of a helicopter if you’re not up for walking on uneven terrain.

Location: Thrihnukagigur Volcano - 30 minutes from the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik.
Age limit: 12 years but exceptions can be made.
Tours run from May - October.
Tours take 5-6 hours (35-40 minutes inside the Volcano.)
Three tours daily at 10am, 12pm & 2pm.
Costs 39,000 ISK per person - approx $300 USD

Helicopter tour cost is 79,000 per person (approx $600 USD)
Minimum 2 people and flights are subject to weather

Private tours can be arranged also.

Booking and more info: insidethevolcano.com

Written by Steve Sculley

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