Capital of Bermuda: Hamilton
Official language: English
The currency: Bermudian Dollar (BMD)

Welcome to the islands of Bermuda, a land filled with mystery, fascinating stories, beautiful beaches and friendly people. The islands are easily reached from the United States and make a great place for a short island break. The pink sandy beaches, fantastic local cuisine and interesting history make this a great island holiday for everyone. The islands of Bermuda are unique for their beautiful pink sandy beaches, historical sites and incredible diving. The town of St. George is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the most unique and important historical towns in the world. Bermuda is a lot less developed then most of the islands of the Caribbean. Here you will find seclusion and tranquillity rather than adventure parks and nightclubs. Life moves at a far more relaxed pace on Bermuda than on the tourist hot spots of the Caribbean. Here you can grab a book, lounge on the beach and truly relax.

Must see places in Bermuda

Royal Navy Dockyard

Royal Navy Dockyard

This was once the principal base of the Royal Navy in the Western Atlantic but nowadays it is a collection of restaurants, shops and activities such as swimming with dolphins. The cruise ships all dock here and you find it filled with tourists at any time of the year. The dockyard does make a nice picturesque break from the beaches or a nice spot to warm up in the colder months.

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Horseshoe Bay Beach

The water is freezing from September to May but this beach is still the perfect spot for a romantic stroll or some sand castle building. The sand is the beautiful peachy pink that Bermuda is famous for. In the warmer months you will battle to find a spot on the sand as this is the most photographed and famous beach on the island. If you are in Bermuda on Good Friday then you have to head to Horseshoe Bay to see the handmade kites flying in celebration.

Crystal and Fantasy Caves

Crystal and Fantasy Caves

Crystal Cave is situated about 36m below ground level. The cave is filled with stalactites and stalagmites. The name crystal refers to the clear underground ponds found in the caves. The water is so clear that you can see 55 feet to the bottom. An amazing pontoon bridge crosses the largest of these ponds. Fantasy caves have a very steep entrance but the walk is worth it to see rare chandelier and soda straw crystals. Allow just over an hour for guided tours of both caves.

Unfinished Church

Unfinished Church

The building of the church began in 1870 but due to poor planning and insufficient funds the project was eventually abandoned. The structure has now been fortified so that visitors can wander around the beautiful gothic ruins. The ruins are surrounded by a truly scenic location and many people feel that this is the most spiritual place on the islands.

Tobacco Bay

Tobacco Bay

This lovely beach has crystal clear waters for snorkelling and swimming and warm soft sand. On the edge of the beach you will find a few licensed restaurants so you can enjoy a well deserved drink and a meal after a morning in the water. The scenery is beautiful and the calm waters are the most family friendly on the island.

St. George

St. George

The historic town of St. George holds firmly to its colonial roots and is proud of being one of the first English towns in the New World. You can visit the same Town Hall and Rectory that the settlers used and fine them still in use today. In the peak summer month’s period actors roam the streets portraying scenes of everyday life from the colonial times. In the year 2000 the town was declared a UNESCO world heritage site.


Gibbs Hill is the oldest cast iron lighthouse in the world and was built in 1846. There are 185 steps up a narrow spiral staircase to the top of the lighthouse but the spectacular views are well worth the climb. On the way you walk through eight floors of exhibits explaining how the lighthouse was built and some of the history of Bermuda. The exhibits are interesting and you will find the time passing quickly till you reach the balcony and its amazing views over the harbour and city.

Blue Hole Park and Walsingham Reserve

Blue Hole Park is found inside the much larger Walsingham Reserve which is located in the Hamilton Parish. The entire reserve covers about 12 acres of land and you can easily spend a whole day exploring the area. A main trail runs through the park with offshoot paths leading to the various attractions such as caves, grottos and natural pools. The most famous is the Blue Hole Pond which is surrounded by forests and rocks. You can stand on a wooden platform and look down to the rocks at the bottom of the pond. This is a great place for romantic walks or to let the kids’ burn off some energy.

Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute

This is an interactive exhibit that simulates an ocean dive at a depth of 12,000 feet. Vistors are seated in a small capsule that moves while surrounded by sights and sounds from a real submarine voyage. There are a number of other exhibits showing Bermuda’s famous shipwrecks, marine life and an interesting history of undersea exploration. You will find a full-scale replica of Charles William Beebe’s bathysphere in which he completed the world’s first deep sea dive just off the coast of Bermuda. The institute has an exquisite display of over 3,000 seashells.

Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo

This massive complex can be found in the Hamilton Parish. Founded in 1926 BAMZ has more than 300 birds, mammals and reptiles from oceanic islands and the aquarium has more than 200 species of fish. The aquarium features the award winning North Rock exhibit which is a 140,000 gallon tank housing a living replica of one of Bermuda’s coral reefs. There are a number of free guided tours and everyone will love the seal feeding. The museum shows the ecological history of Bermuda before and after the arrival of humans through a series of interactive exhibits. The zoo is fairly small but the exhibits are very natural and it does give you a close up look at the unique animals of the islands

Things to do in Bermuda


Swim with the dolphins

Swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Quest which you will find at the Royal Navy Dockyard.

Play a round of golf

Play a round of golf at the Port Royal Golf Club and indulge in some celebrity spotting while you play.

Explore islands

Charter a yacht and explore the tiny islands, coral reefs and shipwrecks.

Best time to visit Bermuda

Tourists visit Bermuda from May to October

The best time to visit Bermuda is in March or April. The weather is warm enough to lie on the beach and possibly to swim but the prices aren’t as high as they are from May to October. If you are planning a trip to play golf or hike, you should travel in wintertime as the islands are fairly empty and you should get great discounts at the hotels. Bermuda is hit by hurricanes on a regular basis so check the weather first if you have a booking during hurricane season.

Did you know?

There are no rental car companies on the islands as you are not allowed to drive there without a Bermudan drivers licence.
The territory consists of one hundred and eighty one islands but most are uninhabited.
Bermuda is famous for some of the best scuba diving in the Caribbean, stormy weather and pink sand beaches.

Travel Tips

[sp_accordion admin_label="" title="" heading_selector="h3" title_fontsize="" title_fontweight="" title_text_color="" title_margin_top="" title_margin_bottom="" style="panel-info" class=""][sp_accordion_item title="The legal drinking age in Bermuda is eighteen" icon="" content="Don’t drink the tap water on the island as Bermuda has no fresh water source. Stick to bottled water."][sp_accordion_item title="Don’t drink the tap water" icon="" content="Don’t drink the tap water on the island as Bermuda has no fresh water source. Stick to bottled water."][sp_accordion_item title="Be aware!" icon="" content="It is an offence to walk around the island without a shirt or in a bikini top. Stick to a more conservative style of dress away from the beaches."][sp_accordion_item title="Tipping" icon="" content="The majority of restaurant s and hotels add a standard 10 – 15% percent tip to the bill so check first before you tip."][sp_accordion_item title="Rent a scooter" icon="" content="You can rent a scooter if you would like to explore the island on your but be careful as they drive on the left hand side of the road."][sp_accordion_item title="Major attractions in Bermuda close during the winter" icon="" content="A number of the major attractions in Bermuda close during the winter months so check before you travel."][/sp_accordion]

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