Capital City: Bridgetown
Official Language: English; Dialect: ‘Bajan’
Currency: Barbadian Dollar

Welcome to Barbados!

Barbados is a great location for family vacations and romantic getaways within the Caribbean. The island is 166 square miles in measurement and is the home to sixty beautiful white sand beaches.The country has a very distinct historic charm within the Caribbean. All historic stilt houses are beautifully functional art pieces. Natives of the country still live in these brightly coloured wooden stilt houses, and with the help of the public, there is an annual beautification and preservation project and competition to showcase them. It is perfect for romatic and family holidays!

Things to see and do in Barbados

St. Nicholas Abbey

This plantation is a rare preserved piece of Barbadian history. Nicholas Abbey is comprised of several acres of lawn and land, a great house, and a rum distillery also on the property. The site is well kept for tourist and local tours. Visitors who book a tour, get the opportunity to receive a personal history lesson as well as an option to visit the rum distillery and see how it works. This is a great activity for both couple and family outings.

Oistins – Great Seafood and Entertainment

Oistins is a favourite for locals and tourists alike. It is the home to several charming seafood restaurants. Several local seafood dishes are prepared there, including the famous ‘flying fish’, macaroni pie and fish cakes. The atmosphere is always lively and warm, with entertainment on most nights. This is a great place to bring the family for some great local food and enjoyment.

Bathsheba Beach

The famous Bathsheba beach is a favourite in Saint Joseph. It’s great beach for surfing because of the waves and winds that are common to the area. It is also a good spot for those who want to unwind and enjoy the scenery. Swimming can also be done, but the waves are usually rough at this beach, so the swimmer has to be extra cautious. This is a great spot to have some family beach fun, or a romantic beach picnic.

Harrison’s Cave

Exploring Harrison’s cave is a great and memorable activity for visitors to Barbados. Children as well as adults enjoy this tour through the historic Harrison cave, as they learn a bit more about Barbados’ rich history. There are regular tour times for visitors and special group or private tours can also be arranged.

Andromeda Botanic Gardens

This six acre garden in Saint Joseph is home to beautiful hibiscus, orchids, and bougainvillea flowers amongst many others. A variety of palms, ferns and other lush greenery are all a part of the calming and therapeutic vibe that this garden oasis provides. A stream which passes through the garden, creating lovely pools and waterfalls is the perfect ‘cherry on top’ of this awesome natural preserve

Atlantis Submarines

Getting a land tour of Barbados is a lot of fun, but getting a tour by sea and submarine is even more thrilling. Tourists delight at the experience of getting a view of the beautiful sea and sands of Barbados water in a submarine. This is a favourite activity for many tourists, and can be enjoyed by couples and families. Trained and friendly staff ensures that children and adults enjoy a wonderful and safe excursion. This is also a great romantic activity for couples. Private submarine tours can also be arranged.

Safari Tours

Tour the island of Barbados in a rugged and adventurous way. The Safari tours offered to tourists are a fun filled and great way to capture the beauty of the entire island. Fun, warm and entertaining tour guides add a special touch to this trip. Visitors are told the history of the country as they travel from one point of the island, to the other and then back again. These tours are fun for family and also for the couple who are thrill seeking and adventurous. The tour takes three to four hours.


Flower Forest Botanical Gardens

Barbados’ Flower Forest Botanical Gardens is a wonderfully preserved slice of tranquillity and natural beauty. The garden is located in the ‘Scotland District’ of Barbados, and it boasts 53.6 acres of lush greenery and flowers. The site is a hit for families who love nature, and also for couples who want to have a nice romantic outing. Visitors are thrilled to occasionally spot a monkey in the trees during their visit. Children under the age of 4 can visit for free. The scenic views of the garden are great for taking photographs and making beautiful memories. The garden is also a great spot for weddings and private events, and these can be arranged based on schedule availability.

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Pick the time right

Tourists visit Barbados from December and April

Barbados’ busy season is between December and April. Two major festivals: Holetown Festival and Barbados Jazz Festival happen during this time. Because it is such a busy time, it is also a bit more expensive where hotel accomodations are concerned. July to December is the best time to visit Barbados. This is based on the fact that prices during this time are very low, the weather is good and also there are several good parties and activities going on during this time.Prices are also comparatively lower in the April-June period, though not as low as in the July to December period.

Did you know?

The country is known for its famous ‘Flying Fish’
Barbados is the ‘birthplace of rum' within the Caribbean
Barbados’ original name, given by the Arawak Indians was: ‘Ichirouganaim’

Travel Tips

[sp_accordion admin_label="" title="" heading_selector="h3" title_fontsize="" title_fontweight="" title_text_color="" title_margin_top="" title_margin_bottom="" style="panel-info" class=""][sp_accordion_item title="Local dishes to try" icon="" content="
  • Cou Cou
  • Fish Cakes
  • Fish Cutters
  • Flying Fish
  • Peas and Rice
  • Macaroni Pie
  • Rum Punch
"][sp_accordion_item title="Barbadian Culture" icon="" content="Barbadian (‘Bajan’) culture and the ways of the people set it apart from other countries in the region. The culture is typically laid back, and this is evidenced from businesses to casual interactions. They are a very interactive social culture, and it is safe to walk on the streets of Barbados at any time of the day or night. Regardless of the hour of the night, there’s bound to be a social activity going on somewhere on this small island."][sp_accordion_item title="Famous Festivals and Carnivals" icon="" content="
  •  Holetown Festival – February
  •  Oistins Fish Festival – March
  •  The Barbados Reggae Festival -April
  •  Celtic Festival Barbados - May
  •  Crop Over Festival – June
  •  Soca Royale – July
  •  Foreday Market -August
  •  Bridgetown Market - August
  •  Cohobblopot - August
  •  Grand Kadooment – August
  •  Independence Celebrations - November
"][sp_accordion_item title="Good to know!" icon="" content="
  • When driving in Barbados, do so on the left side of the road.
  • Watch the local channel when you are in Barbados for community events and to get a feel of the culture
  • The Barbadian dollar and the United States dollar are accepted currencies for purchases and transactions within the islandMaps of Barbados as well as tourist guides are located in most areas of the country. Take the time to look through these, so that you can get a good feel of the area, so it’s easier for you to move around.
  • The best craft can be found in the craft market. There is where you will get genuine locally made Barbadian arts and craft.
  • A visit to Saint Joseph is more enjoyed in the daytime, as most of the activities are require sunlight. Also, the tourist attractions close before nightfall.

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